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No Goblins Allowed is a fan site dedicated to the discussion of games, particularly roleplaying games and Magic: the Gathering. NGA is especially interested in fostering creativity, and encourages members to develop and share new content for their favorite games.

A Brief History

No Goblins Allowed went live in mid-September, 2013. The site was put together by a group of "ex-pats" from the Wizards of the Coast message boards after a software update on that site effectively crashed the system. After some initial discussions via email, a temporary home was established to discuss options; within a month, the site's founder - GobO_Admin - provided the framework to build the site. After about a month of planning and building, the site was opened for registration. Initially, only the [forum] was available for use; this wiki went live in May of 2014 as the second tool on the site. Future features are planned to further add to the site.


Staff for No Goblins Allowed are split into two teams: Moderation and Community Management.