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This page is part of the Magic: Expanded Multiverse (M:EM) project. You can find more on the M:EM subforum or in the official M:EM Archives.

The Expanded Multiverse Project keeps an archive of all works (characters, planes, stories, art, and other works) that have been voted into the project, as well as old official material (such as the Homelands Document) in the M:EM Archives. Its purpose is to preserve the material and present it clearly to those interested in it. All material in the Archives is also stored on the M:EM Archivist's Google Drive.

While any works (besides those marked private!) are open to expansion, you can always check Category:M:EM Current Projects and Category:M:EM Expansion Needed to see what works are either being actively added to now, or what works most need extra stories or other materials added to them.

Planes and Settings





The Amphiseum


Dark Rabiah


Ihn Gallad


Iun Ilana, the Living Plane










The Wheel



List of Unnamed Planes

Planeswalkers and Other Major Characters


Agmund Frijern

Alessa Rehn

Aloise Hartley

Amah al-Hazid

Auric Avarius



Beryl, the Heart-Scarred


Cara Holis




Denner Fabellian


The Dual-Walkers, Syl and Chardis

Ellia the Endbringer

Fisco Vane, the Shark


Huinn, Last of the Darkwings

Illarion Vale

Ilyria the Accursed



Jinsen the Eightfold Lotus


Kala, the Iron Doctor

Kimberley Talon

Kirsh of the Flats

Larasa and Morgan

Lia Xin

Lourima Viiran

Lukas Harran

Lumina Revelaris

Maral, Celestial Wright

Mari Gwynn

Mattias the Tinkerer


Morgezka Shanak

Narissa Enshar


Raiker Venn

Raleris, the Lorekeeper

Renn Winmoore

Rishima, Queen of the Black Sands

Sava Pith

Sister Verity and Leon the Shade

Sorinne Datharius

Sri Hara

The Duchess

The Shifter

Vasilias, Lord of Ariva

Ygraine of Segovia


Non-Planeswalker Characters of Note

Jackie DeCoeur

The Tattered King

Vyth, Death's Hand

Artifacts and Spells of Legend

Artifacts in Maral's Possession

Amulet of the Planeswalkers

Artifacts of the Dominia Cabal

The Ythol Annulus

Major Groups, Historical Figures, and Events

The Dominia Cabal and the Endbringer War


Stories organized by Planeswalker

Works featuring Alessa Rehn

Works featuring Aloise

Works featuring Aria

Works featuring Asher

Works featuring Beryl, the Heart-Scarred

Works featuring Clade

Works featuring Ellia the Endbringer

Works featuring Fisco Vane

Works featuring the Dual-Walkers

Works featuring Illarion Vale

Works featuring Jinsen, the Eightfold Lotus

Works featuring Kahr-ret-Taris

Works featuring Kimberley Talon

Works featuring Kirsh

Works featuring Larasa and Morgan

Works featuring Lia Xin

Works featuring Lourima Viiran

Works featuring Lukas Harran

Works featuring Molcru

Works featuring Raiker Venn

Works featuring Raleris, the Lorekeeper

Works featuring Renn Winmoore

Works featuring Rishima

Works featuring Vasilias

Works featuring Zhiran

Stories organized by Character

Works featuring Jackie DeCoeur

Stories organized by Plane

Stories of Adrisar

Stories of Aralheim

Stories of Arbagoth

Stories of The Amphiseum

Stories of Dark Rabiah

Stories of Helkavin

Stories of Ikass

Stories of Iun Ilana

Stories of Jakkard

Stories of Ravnica

Stories of Sertaria

Stories of Shandrovol

Stories of Taramir

Stories of Zent

Major Collections and Longer Works

These are all larger-scale works, many of which are self-published by M:EM in PDF and/or ebook formats.

For optimal reading experience, download the files from Google Drive.

Fragments, an Alara anthology


Seasons of Dusk, an Innistrad anthology

Volume 1: PDF, Epub e-book
Volume 2: PDF, Epub e-book
Volume 3: PDF, Epub e-book


Day in the Life of an Obstinate Baloth
Wiki Page for this story
PG-13 Author: Subject:
Stigma Lasher An intimate look into the psyche and soul of an Obstinate Baloth.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
Younger readers may not appreciate its depth/complexity
Read This First: {{{prerequisite}}}
Consider Reading This First: {{{recommended}}}

Erik and the Wishmonger
Wiki Page for this story
G Author: Subject:
Aaarrrgh! A man quests for a cure for his sick daughter.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
Read This First: {{{prerequisite}}}
Consider Reading This First: {{{recommended}}}

Song of Dominia
Wiki Page for this story
G Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack A poem covering the history of Dominia
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
Read This First: Everything...

Wiki Page for this story
PG Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack A terrible taboo is committed, and an innocent man takes the blame... but why would someone willingly bear the burden of becoming a pariah?
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
Social ostracism (I mean... obviously)

Apocrypha: Official Wizards Material Rescued From Oblivion

Planeswalker's Guide to Ulgrotha (Viewable directly here)

The Creation of Homelands

Basic Formats for Creating New Pages

These pages are designed to help users create new M:EM articles on this wiki. To easily create a new page, go to the Edit page for the guides, copy them, and modify them to fit the information.

M:EM Basic Character Article

M:EM Basic Plane Article