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Name: Zhiran
Author: Barinellos
Classification: Moonfolk Planeswalker
Gender: Male
Colors: U
Public Some caveats. See #Ongoing Storyline
Zhiran is an ancient and immensely powerful planeswalker who, in his old age, searches for his remnants of lost memories.

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Character Information

Zhiran is an oldwalker, ancient even by standards held by those godlike beings, a being whose memories stretch ten thousand years into the past. He is a master of all five colors of magic, in part because magic is his passion, but despite that fact Zhiran only establishes bonds to blue mana sources. Instead, a variety of artifacts (4 rings) filter his mana if he should be required to use a different type of mana to cast a spell. He has thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of mana bonds cast throughout the far reaches of reality in the multiverse. He knows more ways to reach a single effect with different spells than most mages know spells entirely.

In the long stretches, in the mists of time, He was a prominent archmage for a long dead kingdom, but his son was killed, and the grief wrought by that event caused his spark to flare. In mad grief, and with abandon on a scale only capable of the gods, he bent all his might to trying to bring his son back to life. But somewhere far after that tragedy, knowledge consumed him and became its own goal as his pain faded and he began, or more appropriately continued, the studies of the secrets of the very multiverse and what he could accomplish if he knew the metamultiversal laws that governed creation, death, and everything.

On more than one plane, he himself is the singular driving force behind the discovery of magic and the five colors. He has, in his past, sought the secrets to magic by cleverly setting up wizard academies in dozens, if not hundreds of planes, watching them as they develop and harvesting their inspiration and breakthroughs years after he fakes his death, appearing as a new student in his own schools to take in all their innovations and variances that they have developed. He is also possibly, one of the only beings to have studied all but the most dire refractions of Rabiah, spending a full 1000 years studying the myriad incarnations of the plane.

And he did not walk away from that plane empty handed. He studied and learned how to create a controlled refraction, setting up a pocket plane of his own on some far flung plane. Here, he keeps a library, except it's very unique, unlike any other library in any other realm. His spellbooks are written in a 40 letter code... and they aren't books nor scrolls. The spells are inscribed in the interiors of crystals. He keeps them in a massive lofty chamber where they float high up to the ceiling in a great beam of light, every slowly turning, chiming softly as they rotate. Within this pocket plane, he has gathered the greatest students from the planes he travelled, an arduous task even for him, opening the portals from their homes to his domain.

When the mending came, he actually allowed himself to age, merely to observe the effects it would have on him before he used his impressive knowledge to counteract almost all of the effects wrought by the mending, save of course, for the loss of his natural nigh-godlike powers and the sealing of a singular physical form. Now, he is virtually the most powerful archmage in the multiverse, second to only beings with more intrinsic power than his natural form.

But with the return of his mortality, no matter how insignificant age may be to him, there came something else. A return of his grief, a return to all the things buried deep after his ascension, and his defenses against those feelings have weathered poorly with age. But he has gained something else. Wisdom. Perspective. And though they are cold comforts to the burning rage and despair of his loss, they are a shield he now uses desperately.

He stands at roughly 7 feet tall, pale as ivory, with long lobed ears that sweep back. He has truly silvery thick hair and a long beard and mustache. Arcane whorls paint his skin a light blue. Due to his time there, he has adopted the dress of Rabiah, favoring dark blues, but rarely dresses the same way twice, leading some to believe he is actually just casting a solid illusion over himself. Upon his hand, he wears 4 rings, each a unique band, but each bearing the same stone. A black opal.

Ultimately, he views himself as a mentor after having found so many schools. However, he suffers badly from the cold secrecy many blue beings find themselves with, and wrestles with that as well as his newly rediscovered emotions.

Ongoing Storyline

NOTE: Ongoing Storyline sections contain spoilers for M:EM and/or Canon works! Proceed at your own risk! View the #Appears In section to read the relevant works without getting spoiled.

After the events of the epilogue of Loss, Zhiran seems to be on a course for confrontation with Rishima, the Queen of the Black Sands.