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Ythol is a dead world. Within one year after the events of Phantoms of the Past, these are its traits:

  • The ground is uniformly ashen black, covered with a layer of soot
  • All surviving man-made objects are covered with a layer of soot
  • The sky is clear and black. There are few stars, and two pale, featureless white orbs that pass over daily which may have once been the twin suns of Ythol, but now give forth no more heat than other starlight.
  • There is no native life
  • No non-native life will find root here.
  • The air is thin
  • The temperature fixed at freezing
  • All open waters have frozen to black expanses of ice, likely containing salt and soot.
  • There is no wind
  • There is no precipitation
  • There are no clouds
  • There is no sound save what the observer makes
  • There is no native mana here.

The only remaining features of Ythol are the Gates of the Netherworld, a mountain-sized archway that, with the demise of its guardian, allows passage to and from a subterranean world of the dead (though the dead within are inert), and the Castle of the King, an impressive edifice and fastness where dwelt while living (and perhaps now, undead) the Last King of Ythol.

While Ythol quickly degenerated to this state after the removal of its black and red mana (before which it was a volcanic wasteland), this seems to be its “end state” and the plane does not seem likely to collapse or get any colder. It’s probable that Ythol cannot undergo a final collapse while the Annulus (and thus the plane’s mana) still exists.

Ancient Ythol was a relatively normal plane. Its most remarkable features were the presence of licids and its enduring world government, a succession of kings and queens in line unbroken for a count of years that astounds most scholars with a better view of the rise and fall of nations. The list of kings and queens proceeded according to an ancient prophecy, that supposedly never failed to accurately predict the gender and attitude of the next monarch and some important highlight of the monarch’s reign. When the prophecy predicted the Last King, called also The Tattered King, the advisors of the crown and great sages of the realm worked tirelessly to extend his life, and seemed to succeed beyond the hopes of any, for he was continually renewed to the health and vigor of a young man, while he lived, thus forestalling the predicted “Reign of Darkness” that would come after. It’s not exactly known by anyone living or unliving how the immortality of the Last King was achieved, but some partial understanding of the multi-layered spellcraft allowed the creation of the Ythol Annulus.

Known Races

While all life is extinct on Ythol, the following races, among others, once lived on Ythol, as their stony eulogies can be found in the Netherworld:

  • Humans
  • Elves
  • Merfolk
  • Aven

Appears In

Phantoms of the Past