Vyth, Death's Hand

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Vyth, Death's Hand
Name: Vyth
Author: Monoredburn
Classification: Male Human (?) Notable Native
Gender: Male
Public, Dead Available
Age: Vyth was 132 at the time of his death

Vyth was a necromancer native to Borgard. He was highly intelligent and very ambitious, which ended up as his downfall.

Appears In

Vyth's Tale


Born into the aristocracy of the Alcor, Borgard's vast cityscape, Vyth was in line behind his brother and father for the throne. Both ambition, and a feeling that it was not fair for him to be denied the throne simply because he was second born drove him into the murder of his parents and brother. His involvement in the deed was discovered before he could become king, and he was put on trial, where it was decreed that he would be forcibly banished into the Necor, a vast and dangerous wasteland, which many considered a fate worse than death. He was sent into the Necor, where he contracted a deadly illness that corrupts natural mana bonds and causes intense fatigue, physical trauma, and delusions, as well as having crippling effects on the victim's physical abilities.

Starving and on the edge of death, he was taken in by an old hermit living in the Necor, and began his slow recovery. Bedridden, he spent his time reading the hermit's books, ancient tomes of necromancy and forbidden magics. The hermit died, leaving all he owned to his friend and child figure, Vyth. Vyth began to delve into necromancy, beginning with reanimating his former savior and real father figure, the same hermit who had saved his life all those years back. Although his illness had crippled him, he made quick progress, and soon began to concoct plans to seize the throne he felt he so rightfully deserved.

He practiced relentlessly, becoming especially good at reanimating skeletons, and preferring to use thralls of those who had significant connections to his own past, or to Borgard's history whenever possible. He snuck into the Alcor, and arranged a meeting with 5 criminals on trial for necromancy. Presenting them an opportunity to avoid their sentences and to gain power, he broke them out and had them swear fealty to him. They became the 5 disciples of Vyth.

They began searching for ways to prolong Vyth and their own lives, while Vyth recruited members for his newly founded organization, Death's Hand. Vyth worked for decades through Death's Hand, setting up assassinations, and an intel network on the Alcor. Death's Hand quickly became the largest organized crime syndicate on the plane, and was extremely well connected into the Alcor. However, Vyth did not want that. He wanted the throne.

He began his master plan, setting up for a war on the Alcor. Using an undead army alongside his thousands of soldiers and assassins, Vyth attacked the Alcor. They pushed the battle to the Alcor's capital, Gittan City, where Vyth engaged the planeswalker Noel D'corva and his companions alongside his 5 disciples. His five disciples were killed and Vyth was wounded. His only opponent was Noel now.

However, Vyth could not last. A combination of his illness finally catching up to him and his wounds killed him, and he lay dying, watching the sun set over the burning city he once called home...


Vyth was tall and thin, gauntly so, perhaps because of the illness which so crippled him, and had wispy, black hair. He wore a long black cloak and had green eyes. Vyth also appeared very young, perhaps in his 20's, but had a wizened look to him, leading one to be suspicious that that was not his real age. This suspicion was also helped by his very skeletal appearance, with long, bony fingers. Finally, he was never without his faithful demon hound, Dark Fang.

Mind, flaws and personality

Vyth was driven by his resentment of those who banished him, and his belief that the throne should be his. He was brilliant, and an excellent strategist. In addition, Vyth was emotionally cold to his disciples and had no real friendships besides that which he had with the hermit, who served as his father figure, and a reserved tenderness for his hound, Dark Fang. He was incredibly ambitious, and sees people only as pawns to be used and sheep to be ruled. He would willingly murder friends and family in order to advance himself, which may have been in part fueled by how estranged he felt from his family. His ambition though, also hurt him greatly. He ended up destroying the city he once loved, and perhaps even felt regret for it too. He even murdered one of his last living allies in the final battle simply to lower possibilities of an unfavorable outcome.


Vyth used black mana and is a talented necromancer. Although greatly hindered by the aftermath of his disease, he still had formidable power, being able to manipulate black mana to animate corpses, enslave animals and humans with weak mind defenses and could fire bolts of concentrated black energy, which could throw a person backwards up to 10 feet as well as break formidable mind defenses. Vyth's natural skills included excellent intellect and strategy as well as great powers of persuasion and influence, which he could heighten by infusing his voice with black mana.

Current Status

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Currently Bianca Addonicci, the presumed current head of Death's Hand, is trying to extract information from Vyth himself. Vyth repeatedly asks Bianca to reanimate him, presumably so he can reclaim his status and renew his quest, but she has thus far rejected his every request.