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Valjan Landscape.jpg
Plane Names Valjan
Author jedi, Yanmato
Major Natives
Hannon, Undead Centaur Chieftan
Notable Visitors
Open Available
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Valjan is a largely unfinished plane that features landscapes based on two-color mana pairs. Many of the landscapes are dramatically alien and have a surreal quality to them.

Setting For

No stories are currently set on Valjan

Plane Information

The Petrified Forest

There are many strange places across the multiverse, among them is the Petrified Forest of the plane Valjan. The Petrified Forest is both alive and dead at the same time. It has many strange inhabitants, chief among them the Gari Centaur tribe. The Gari follow the god Gar, a being of both entropy and growth; he is the embodiment of the cycle of life and death. The Gari demonstrate this in their culture.

They believe that recycling the dead to feed the living strengthens future generations. Old crops are turned into compost to fertilize new crops, and fallen allies and enemies are used as sustenance to strengthen the warriors and wisen the sages. They produce many healers, and many blighters. The tribal leaders are made up of both Shaman and Necromancers; who in turn serve as advisors for the chieftan, an ancient centaur lich. Hannon, the chief, is said to have been chosen by Gar himself to lead his followers for eternity, and he has in turn shaped the history of his tribe, and perhaps the future of his plane.

The Spires

Far beyond the dead-living forests in Valjan, the only mountain ranges on the continent form steep, rocky spires of obsidian, which plunge vertically into the sea. This mish-mash of red and blue mana on the coastal ranges leads to unusually frequent lightning storms with unusually determined lightning.

The spires, by nature of being... spires... act as lightning rods, which allow travelers to cut through the mountains safely, despite the constant thunder and lightning. The trouble is, whenever lightning strikes the towers, they force apart fault lines in the rock itself and massive chunks of obsidian shatter from their peaks.

The energy surging through the obsidian animates it in a very unique way. The Spireborn are animated golems of obsidian, powered by the static electricity that visibly arcs across their bodies. They take the shape and mannerisms of anything passing nearby. Humanoid Spireborn walk up and down roads like humans or leonin who travel through the mountains. Dragon Spireborn stomp around and "eat" smaller creatures by grabbing them in their mouths on gnashing them to a pulp between their jagged, rocky teeth. There's no shortage of stories of travelers haunted by rocky clones of themselves or their horses who follow them all the way home.

The Archipelago

In the faraway badlands of the west, where the lands gives way to sea, the tides rise and roil over massive plumes of highly active phytoplankton. Blue and green collide violently under the waves, and on the archipelago just away from the desert, it leads to an almost amusing ecosystem. The rabbits have lions' tails and run from foxes with reptilian eyes and smoky breath. The fauna of the Archipelago is a jigsaw of conflicting animal parts; a food web of chimeras. The elves who live here are not unaffected by the energies of the sea. They look very much like the imperial elves of Lorwyn, with antlers, tails, and hooves of deer. And like their brethren, they embrace the ideals of a color outside the usual green.

The elves of Valjan value knowledge and history above all other things. They gather it their whole lives, learning from the ancient lore of their homeland, never leaving, save to learn new knowledge of the world. In fact, no elf has been seen away from the Archipelago in a thousand years. They stay on the largest island, in Dumis: the valley of secrets. There they keep and preserve all the most ancient secrets of their plane- ancient, long-gone civilizations, old songs in dead languages, and (some say) the origin of Valjan itself. At the fabled heart of Dumis, the Endless Library has towers upward- new information, found since the library's construction, and downward, into the past. At the bottom of the deepest shaft, outsiders tell stories of an ancient book that holds records of the first years of Valjan's existence: the Posthumous Text.

Planned Additions

The Vertical Expanse

The terrain itself turning absurdly vertical. Plateaus that from a distance look like columns, rising high into the sky and falling down. Aven make a living in cave dwelling along the sides, and flying among the columns hunting the species that live atop them.

Onen, The Great Tree

An expansive savannah with one giant tree at the center. Each plant from the surrounding area is part of the center tree. All inhabitants of the area work together and serve as one large community. The humans are ruled by the the twin kings. The kithkin retain their thoughtweft. And the leonin serve in their prides that roam the savannah. Each culture contributes to a ruling council made up of the Twin kings, a representative of the thoughtweft, and each Kha from the leonin prides. Onen is at once the name of the savannah, and the tree at its center, and the village that resides among the great tree's roots.

The Lost Waters

Sunken ruins that are drawn underwater and over the surface with the tides. Horrible little poisonous things live there.

The Lava Soup

A volcanic expanse, constantly in flux from eruptions, ruled by flamekin (think Cinders). Hostile territory to any but its natural residents.

Lush Crater

A large crater that houses a lush wild jungle, a paradise for the savages that live there. Dragons make their homes in massive caverns adorning the side wall.

Expansion Needed

Several of the color pairs known to exist on Valjan do not yet have fleshed out information, and no stories currently feature the plane. If you have an idea for a story that could feature Valjan, or ideas on how to expand the plane, share them in the Expanded Multiverse forum.


Valjan Landscape.jpg

Valjan Landscape

Art by digitalsurrealist

Hannon Centaur Undead.jpg

Hannon, Centaur Undead

Art by digitalsurrealist