The Wheel

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The Wheel
Plane Names The Wheel, Anissem, Lefkos, Galanos, Mavros, Kokkinos
Author RavenoftheBlack
Major Natives
Notable Visitors
Syl and Chardis, The Dual-Walkers.
Public In Use
"The Wheel" is the collective term for five planes loosely connected to one another in the Blind Eternities. The five planes of the Wheel are Lefkos, Galanos, Mavros, Kokkinos and Anissem, each corresponding with a different color of mana. The Wheel is a natural, if highly unusual, phenomenon.

Setting For

The Planes of the Dual-Walkers


The Wheel is an anomaly within the Blind Eternities. The five planes are completely separate; there is no natural way for a non-planeswalker to move from one to another. However, within the Blind Eternities, they are connected by strands of energy like the spokes of a wheel, which is where they got the collective name. Anissem is the central plane and serves as a metaphorical hub for the Wheel. The other four planes, Lefkos, Galanos, Mavros and Kokkinos, spin around the central hub as if in orbit.

Each of the five planes of the Wheel is monomanic, meaning they only produce one type of mana. The consequence of this phenomenon is that the planes tend to be fairly uniform within themselves, as their geography, as well as the overall philosophy of the populace, have shaped themselves to conform with the mana they produce.


Lefkos is the white plane of the Wheel, and its landscape is dominated by endless stretches of fields, meadows and plains. Lefkos does contain vast, shallow seas, but no tides. The seas are not dissimilar to the rest of the plane; flat and yielding. Lefkos's capital is the Mirrored City of Yyrn.

Lefkos is home to an order of elite military warriors known as the Silver Riders. The Silver Riders are among the most well-trained and talented horsemen in the multiverse, able to communicate with one another and with their mounts through a complicated system of body language and coded calls. Their precision in combat is well-known, and well feared.


Galanos is the blue plane of the Wheel, and is appropriately known as The Islands. The entire plane is a vast ocean covered in a complex pattern of intersecting archipelagos. Galanos is, by a wide margin, the most technologically advanced of all the planes of the Wheel, with metropolitan areas that occasionally rival those of Ravnica. On Galanos's largest island sits its capital, the Mirrored City of Ilym.

Of all the miraculous wonders on the plane of Galanos, the greatest is surely its vast Library. The Library of Galanos is unlike any other in the Multiverse, and contains books on an impressive array of subjects. Most notably, it holds an ancient tome of prophecies of what was and is in store for Dominia. It even correctly predicted the Mending and at least some of the consequences thereof.


Mavros is the black plane of the Wheel. It is dominated by ceaseless swampland that seems to have no source and no destination. Mavros is steeped in perpetual night, the only light sources being the florescent flora and seven circling satellites collectively known as the Dull Moons. Mavros is ruled from the Mirrored City of Shurdyn.

Deep within the swamps of Mavros, there is an ancient society of witches who seek to liberate the plane once and for all. They are known as the Covus, and their kind once ruled the entire plane before they were defeated and nearly driven to extinction. Their constant use of the dark energies of the swamp have twisted their bodies, and they appear as twisted old hags, often even by the time they reach adulthood.


Kokkinos is the red plane of the Wheel, and is dominated entirely by massive mountain ranges. Snowstorms rage almost constantly on Kokkinos, and have for as long as anyone can remember, although legends claim it was not always so. Kokkinos is ruled from the ancient Ziggurat, around which was built the Mirrored City of Bornkys.

For centuries, the Ziggurat has been protected and defended by a fierce order of fire elementals collectively known as the Fire Flight. They are a brutal and utterly merciless fighting force who rule the skies atop trained, long-necked fire drakes. It is commonly accepted in the mountainous plane that the Fire Flight can fly from one end of Kokkinos to the other without rest or warning. Nowhere is believed to be safe from their reach.


Very little is known about Anissem. It is known that the central plane of the Wheel is home to the Dual-Walkers themselves, and no one else. It is believed that apart from the two planeswalkers, there is no life on Anissem. This cannot be verified, however, as no one is known to have visited any location on Anissem apart from the Dual-Walker's Mirror Palace in centuries, and the Mirror Palace contains no windows. Only the Dual-Walkers know what exists beyond their walls.


For much of their existence, the histories of the planes of the Wheel were much like any other plane. There were periods of war and of peace, of joy and of tragedy. The planes went on without any knowledge of one another, or any other planes beyond their own, for thousands of years. Then, once day, the Dual-Walkers came.

A little over 1200 years ago, Syl and Chardis arrived on the Wheel and set about a sweeping and deadly campaign to conquer the five planes. The war was remarkably short. Syl and Chardis were both planeswalkers and held tremendous power, and together they were nearly unbeatable. Syl and Chardis conquered one plane at a time, converted some of the populous to their cause and destroying anyone who resisted. By the time the war was over, the Dual-Walkers controlled all five planes, and no one alive dared to question them.

After the conquering of the Wheel, the Dual-Walkers established themselves as gods and called themselves the Rulus. They systematically restructured the political organizations of the planes and placed themselves at the top of the new theocracy. They used their immense power to "prove" their godhood, which was enough to convince most of the population to accept them. Anyone who did not accept them was either destroyed or aggressively subjugated. Eventually, the Dual-Walker's control was virtually unquestioned, and remained so for over 1200 years.