The Amphiseum

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The Amphiseum
Plane Names The Amphiseum
Author RavenoftheBlack
Major Natives
No Natives (artificial plane)
Notable Visitors
Syl and Chardis, The Dual-Walkers.
Fisco Vane
Public In Use
The Amphiseum is a vast arena constructed in the Blind Eternities for combat and the spectacle thereof. Constructed by The Dual-Walkers, the plane is magically capable of locking Planeswalkers into the arena until only one of the combatants is left alive.

Setting For

Dead Man 'Walking

The Cruel Finale

How to Trade a Planeswalker


The Amphiseum is an artificial plane designed for the spectacle of melee combat. Approximately 1400 years ago, the planar arena was constructed by the Dual-Walkers, Syl and Chardis, for the purposes of a permanent, off-world venue for brutal, spectacular fights to the death. Using their mastery of artifice and enchantment, as well as their considerable powers as planeswalkers, Syl and Chardis created the Amphiseum as a floating, self-contained plane in the vast expanse of the Blind Eternities.

Early Days (Trs'kl)

The Dual-Walkers were well-known at the time for mingling with some of the most powerful and decadent rulers and planeswalkers across Dominia. The Amphiseum was originally constructed as a place to allow all of them to gather and enjoy themselves. Most of the early battles in the Amphiseum were between two exotic, dangerous creatures from widely varying planes. However, even from the very beginning, the most thrilling and spectacular fights always included a planewalker.

The first planewalker combatant in the Amphiseum was a friend and ally of the Dual-Walkers, a Terrapoid warrior named Trs'kl. Although a planewalker like Syl and Chardis, Trs'kl, like many of his turtlefolk brethren, preferred physical combat to magic, and relished the opportunity to battle the wild creatures the Dual-Walkers obtained for the game. In the early years of the Amphiseum, Trs'kl was unstoppable, and defeated all manners of beasts as his popularity with the mortal spectators of the Games increased.

For nearly three hundred years, the Games continued in this manner. Syl and Chardis would host the Games whenever the whim took them, but they tried to hold them at least twice a generation, so that the human rulers would pass the tradition of attending down with them. The Games usually followed the same format. The early bouts would feature exotic creatures battling one another, later matches would feature talented heroes, legendary figures or planeswalkers fighting those same sort of creatures, and the main event would feature Trs'kl in some sort of special challenge. Then, however, things changed.

Middle Era (Keledon)

Somehow, in between the Games, Trs'kl became embroiled in a fierce and hated feud with a barbarian half-human, half-Minotaur planeswalker named Keledon. The two had engaged in a series of vicious and indecisive duels on a variety of planes, but it seemed nothing was ever settled. Finally, Trs'kl hit on a new idea. The next Games were coming up, and both Trs'kl and Keledon wanted their issue settled once and for all. Trs'kl approached the Dual-Walkers about fighting the duel in the Games. Seeing a chance for some real action, Syl and Chardis agreed.

Few if any of the mortal spectators had ever seen two planeswalkers battle before, and the battle between Trs'kl and Keledon became the most highly-anticipated battle in the Amphiseum's history. The odds were heavily in the Turtlefolk's favor. He had, after all, fought in the Amphiseum for centuries and never been defeated. The duel was brutal and terrible, but it ended when Keledon shattered Trs'kl shell with a thundering blow, causing the Terrapoid to flee in humiliation and defeat. Trs'kl never returned to the Amphiseum after that.

Keledon, on the other hand, relished the thrill of the battle, and became the Dual-Walkers next champion. Unlike Trs'kl, Keledon longed for battle against other planeswalkers. By this time, the Dual-Walkers had garnered an impressive reputation, and more and more 'walkers sought them out, both to witness the Games and compete in them. Most fought the savage beasts that were a staple of the Games, but increasingly, they fought one another. Some won, some lost, but Keledon remained the main event, and he remained undefeated.

Latter Days (Morgezka Shanak)

One of the planeswalkers to come and compete in the Games was the Dragon 'walker Morgezka Shanak, who often fought in human form unless her battle proved difficult. While Keledon loved the death and bloodshed of the Games, Morgezka enjoyed the sport. She would typically play with her opponents, work up the crowd, and only go for the kill when she knew she had them. She avoided planeswalker duels in the Games, as she didn't like killing sapient opponents unless necessary. Her power, confidence, and showmanship quickly made her a fan favorite.

It did not escape Keledon's notice that Morgezka Shanak didn't escape the crowd's. Eventually, he became jealous of her success and her popularity, and he felt his top position in the Amphiseum threatened. Finally, Keledon challenged Morgezka to a duel, and while she tried to refuse, the barbarian eventually made that impossible. Morgezka defeated Keledon, and he never fought in the planar arena again.

Morgezka Shanak became the new champion of the Amphiseum, and the greatest attraction the Dual-Walkers had ever had. Morgezka, however, wanted to do things differently from Keledon, and at her insistence, the planeswalker duels essentially came to an end. The Games went back to their original format and rarely if ever featured two planeswalkers in battle again. Morgezka remained champion until the Dual-Walkers put an end to the Games forever, at the thousandth anniversary of the very first Games.

After the Games (Eristi)

After the final Games, the Amphiseum stood empty for centuries. The complex systems of powerful magic and artifice allowed the plane to maintain itself, even past the Mending. One day, while running from a pursuer who was trying to kill her, the planeswalker Eristi happened upon the planar arena. She had nearly been defeated by her opponent on another plane, and had hoped that the Amphiseum would be small enough to evade her enemy, but it was no use. He arrived to finish what he had started.

Rather than run away, Eristi was convinced to stand and fight. To ensure it, her opponent used a planar ban spell he had known from before the Mending. Being significantly weaker now, he convinced Eristi to help him cast it. She was reluctant, but the lure of the danger of an inescapable duel was too much to resist. He taught her the spell, and together, they cast it. The battle was a challenge, and unlike the old days, there were no spectators to watch them, but eventually, Eristi won.

Eristi became addicted to the danger and the feeling of these inescapable duels. She used the Amphiseum as her own, private arena for years, eventually finding a method to permanently infuse the planar ban spell into the Amphiseum itself. Although the plane is in no way sentient, it is able to impart the spell to those within the arena, and if both combatants agree, they can be locked in the Amphiseum until one is dead.