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Plane Names Taramir
Author Tevish Szat
Major Natives
Rasilla of Efaruna
Larasa Farleth
Morgan of Voor
Notable Visitors
Public Dead

Taramir is a dead world, a plane that grew unfathomably old and then finally collapsed. Once upon a time, it was a place of light like any other, but its sun faded to a dim crimson and finally gave out, the stars vanished from its sky, and in the end its mana drained away and the Blind Eternities consumed it. It was the home of the planeswalkers Larasa and Morgan, and while it was created as part of their backstory, there is room for tales amidst its history.

Setting For

State of Decay
Wiki Page for this story
PG Author: Subject:
Tevish Szat In the waning days of Taramir, Rasilla, princess of Efaruna, is captured by the damned residents of the Sea of Rot
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
Violence, Kidnapping

Before the Dawn
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PG-13 Author: Subject:
Tevish Szat The stars are going out in the skies of Taramir, prompting two young people to leave their homes and explore the nighted land
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
Apocalyptic Themes, Implied Cannibalism

Brief History of the World

Taramir is a world with a complete history. It went through six great Ages that are more or less well understood.

The Age of Myths was a time before reading and writing was developed. Oral histories that survived into the next age indicate that this was a time when many godlike beings walked the world.

The Age of Forests was a time when Elves were the most advanced sapient race and the world's superpower, covering much of its land area in magically-grown woodlands.

The Age of Hereoes was a time when humanity was a rising power upon Taramir, and the elves began to retreat into the remaining forests.

The Age of Empire was a time when the human-led Imperium of Vox controlled the majority of the land area of Taramir.

The Waning Age was a time when the sun was fading. It was marked by constant decay and strife between the descendants of the Vox peoples and the physical decay of the world itself.

The Age of Darkness was a time after the sun burned out entirely, and the remaining light-dwelling populations lived and more likely died in fear of the innumerable and powerful creatures of the darkness.

Setting Information

Details about Taramir largely dependent on the Age of the world. The Waning Age and the Age of Darkness are the most detailed time periods. As such, the best source for information on Taramir (other than reading the whole of the Planeswalker's Guide) is the timeline of those Ages, reproduced below. All years are given in Taramir's "Year of Light" Calendar, which had a Year 0 determined by the elven scholars of the Age of Forests to be the earliest year of life on Taramir, the year of their creation myth.

16727 - The Waning of the Sun is first noticed. The Imperium of Vox is the world's great power, controlling most of the southern Known Lands, with "Barbarian" tribes ruling the northern expanses between the empire and the hidden University of the Lorekeepers.

16751 - The Lorekeepers of Voor leave their posts in the Imperial court and the lesser courts of the land due to political turbulence. After this date, they observe the world exclusively via magic and only depart the University of the Lorekeepers to find spouses -- even when peace and stability reign for a time, they maintain their isolation, fading into myth as far as the rest of the world is concerned. The number of full Lorekeepers stands at twenty-one, but is subject to fluctuation.

16754 - The first civil war in the Imperium is crushed.

16783 - The second Vox Civil War begins.

16790 - Confident in their triumph, the rebel faction fractures, its leaders turning on each other over spoils yet to be won. This buys the Imperial faction time to stabilize.

16802 - The senile emperor of the Vox directs most of his troops northward. Though successful at slaughtering the largely peaceful nomadic peoples, the distraction creates an opening for the squabbling rebels to begin tearing apart the Imperium in earnest.

16811 - After a long and bloody struggle, Vox falls. The remnants of the empire shatter into four new kingdoms: Efaruna, Tolkas, Dorias, and Vishtal. The four kingdoms, weary of their long war with the Imperium, sign a peace treaty with each other.

16825 - Construction of the Grand Fortress begins. Vishtal provides most of the manpower, but the site chosen is on Efaruna soil, giving that nation claim to the Fortress as well.

16838 - A renegade Lorekeeper of Voor who abandoned the order to seek temporal power weds the Crown Prince of Tolkas. Her dream of using the knowledge of the Lorekeepers to bring peace and prosperity to the dying world is shattered when the order burns the knowledge of how to find their University from her mind, along with many other secrets. Even so, Tolkas profits greatly from her remaining wisdom.

16912 - The main structure of the Grand Fortress is completed. Approximately ten million souls retreat inside, representing members of all four nations, though Efaruna and Vishtal are the best represented by far.

16957 - The government of Efaruna takes up residence in the Grand Fortress.

16958 - To retain a measure of control of the Grand Fortress, the Vishtal government makes its new home there as well.

16969 - Disgusted by the growing indifference of their governments and the isolation of the same inside the Grand Fortress, a visionary leads a group of Efaruna and Vishtal citizens to found a new though small nation in the Emerald Peaks. They dedicate themselves to green magic, and finding a way to restore their world.

~17000 - Volcanic upheaval decimates the nation of Tolkas and ruins most of its major cities. The survivors flee north, into lands never held by the Vox Imperium, which they name the Plains of Hope. Finding good land and bedrock marbled with seams of useful coal, New Tolkas quickly burgeons.

17018 - The caverns beneath the Grand Fortress are finally dug out completely and magically sown. There is now enough "arable" land inside the fortress that no resident ever needs leave its walls or receive aid from the outside.

17050 - The sun now rises red, and is dim enough to gaze at directly without harm, though only just.

~17100 - Displaced into ever harsher lands by the growth of New Tolkas, many peoples of the north turn to dark powers for aid. They are the first to be transformed into the Nightstalkers.

17133 - Crop failures throughout the land, even within the Grand Fortress, spread famine. A war for food seems probable, but sages from the Emerald Peaks manage to avert it by sharing new techniques to better grow plants with magic in the waning light.

17155 - The last large trees die, though where the great forests once stood, a self-sustaining fungal mire that will become known as the Sea of Rot spreads. Most remaining elves have settled in Efaruna and New Tolkas.

17172 - The Lorekeepers of Voor begin kidnapping infants to maintain their numbers rather than remaining in the world long enough to woo husbands or brides. The number of full Lorekeepers stands at thirteen, and will never rise again.

17188 - Volcanic action destroys the largest iron mine in Dorias. Several smaller mines run dry in the following years.

17206 - Dorias, having exhausted most of its own natural resources, turns its eyes towards the seeming paradise that is New Tolkas.

17210 - The war between Dorias and New Tolkas ends as the spider's web of coal seams beneath New Tolkas are ignited on a massive scale by the heavy use of fire magic. The armies of Dorias return home depleted and empty-handed while the survivors of New Tolkas abandon their cities and flee into the wilds. Trampled by war and poisoned by the burning coal, the area becomes known as the Plains of Despair.

17237 - Condemned prisoners, exiled to the Sea of Rot, kidnap the Princess of Efaruna. Though she escapes from the "Worm Men" in short order, her experiences are such that she never returns to the Grand Fortress.

17254 - Dorias attempts to lay siege to the Grand Fortress. It fails miserably, but the isolationist direction the Grand Fortress takes thereafter leaves Efaruna and Vishtal in chaos.

~17300 - The sun has dimmed such that what passes for day now is equivalent to late twilight before the Waning. Most plants not grown for agriculture, often with the aid of magic, wither and die, though creepers and grasses remain. The ranks of the Nightstalkers have swelled to a level where the creatures are a significant threat to settlements. Demons (and in their wake, devils) are a constant presence.

17316 - Dorias makes war on the remnants of Efaruna and Vishtal, scattering their people. However, the strain of the campaign breaks the back of Dorias. Its major cities fall into chaos and ruin at the hands of demons, and a massive horde of Nightstalkers sweeps across the land. No organized nation-states remain, and the human populace consists of the conclave in the Emerald Peaks, the Grand Fortress, and many isolated villages that defend themselves from the predations of the Nightstalkers.

17360 - Nightstalkers are seen migrating north. The Grand Fortress erects a massive Circle of Protection that hedges the creatures out, but they do not seem bothered by it. For reasons unknown, the hordes gather in the land that becomes known as Stalker's Fell, though many remain in other climes. How there could be so many of the creatures is considered a mystery.

17391 - Volcanic eruption obliterates the society in the Emerald Peaks, which become known as the Crumbling Mountains.

17413 - The Last Dawn. The sun sets forever.

????? - A massive die-off of sapients occurs in the chaos surrounding the utter darkness. Villages starve even further and many fall to Nightstalkers and other sorts of Dark Creatures. In the Grand Fortress, despair chokes off birth rates and drives suicide to epidemic proportions, the combined result slashing the population of the Fortress. Most views of the outside world are walled off. Even the Lorekeepers of Voor suffer, as their brethren are driven to madness or other grim ends without training apprentices.

Year of Darkness 100? - The world has stabilized in the dark. Most villages that will fall have done so, though their numbers continue to dwindle. The population of the Grand Fortress stands between three and five million, where it will remain. There are six Lorekeepers of Voor -- three masters and three apprentices.

Year of Darkness 109? - One of the Apprentice Lorekeepers, the last female Lorekeeper, strays beyond the University's wards and is taken by the Nightstalkers (though not killed, oddly). A second Apprentice Lorekeeper leaves to attempt a rescue. Neither returns to the University, though their fate is unknown. The girl's master commits suicide while the boy's claims another apprentice.

Year of Darkness 120? - One of the two Master Lorekeepers, the one forced to take a new apprentice earlier, dies. His compatriot refuses to confirm the twelve-year-old apprentice as a full Lorekeeper and also refuses to train him any more. The boy attempts to attack the old man, but is killed. Only one Lorekeeper master and one apprentice now remain.

Year of Darkness 133? - On his deathbed, the last Master Lorekeepr confirms his apprentice, who now seeks an apprentice of his own.

Year of Darkness 181? - The post of Master Lorekeeper passes for the last proper time.

Year of Darkness 184? - Morgan is born, and stolen by the last Master Lorekeeper.

Year of Darkness 186? - Larasa is born.

Year of Darkness 200? - The Stars are extinguished. The World ends.