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All staff members at No Goblins Allowed have the prefix "GobO" at the beginning of their name. Currently, staff are effectively divided into two groups: moderators and community managers.


The moderation group handles enforcement of the Site's Code of Conduct. Lead by GobO_Althalus and GobO_Fire, the moderation team prefers to intervene as little as possible. Currently, the moderation team consists of: GobO_DaleCooper, GobO__Kheldar, GobO_Kiki-Jiki, GobO_Mastergear, GobO_Mons, and GobO_Scarlet.

Community Management

The Community Management staff are responsible for growing the site. Whether performing tech support functions, setting up contests, or simply trying to draw new members to the site, this group has the task of keeping things running and moving. The community management team consists of: GobO_Admin, GobO_Sapper, GobO_Slobad, and GobO_Welder. In addition, GobO_Mons pulls "double duty" and works with this team.