Sri Hara

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Sri Hara
Name: Sri Hara
Author: Barinellos
Classification: Loxodon Planeswalker
Gender: Male
Public Available
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Sri Hara is a primarily white planeswalker, ancient beyond measure. He has gathered a massive amount of magics at his command, but first and foremost among his skills is his ability to protect and nurture life.


Sri Hara is a native of the plane of Janhapuhr and was the yoddha of his herd, the highest warrior caste and protector of his people. His life was one of placing himself in danger for the good of his community, and he was honored greatly for it. Unfortunately for Sri Hara, the lands where his people lived came under attack from a foe that he could not defeat: the lands themselves. A great quake struck his ancestral homelands and Sri Hara held the line while his people evacuated to safety. He did all within his power to protect them, but he was just a man, and the forces of the world were so much larger than himself. Saving as many as he could meant his death, and it was a fate he was glad to pay so long as they were saved.

Only... his life was fated for something far different than what he expected of anyone in his caste. Crushed in the quake, his spark ignited and suddenly his body seemed a small thing. His consciousness expanded outward to perceive everything around him and it was the simplest thing for him to make an invincible body of pure light. He manifested before his people and calmed the earth, his muscular frame burning with radiance. He gathered his people together, and with his new-found and nigh limitless powers, he lifted the very bedrock into the air. He created a land for his people that would never suffer this fate again nestled within a floating island, a fertile valley that he named Moksha, after the ancient word for paradise.

But that... that was long ago. Sri Hara has spent millenia wandering the multiverse, serving most often as a guardian god in times of need. He has accrued many titles across many planes and he is worshiped in even more kingdoms. Many lands and peoples have given thanks to Sri Hara, The Shining One. That was all before the Mending though. When the Mending came, Sri Hara was suddenly shorn of his power, dimmed of his brilliance, but... strangely at peace with that. He felt himself aging day by day and finally turned to the asceticism that befit a being of his age and wisdom. He came to peace with all that he had done and there was but one thing left to do in his long journey.

To die.

But... his mind was not what it had been. So many years of knowledge could not remain in a merely mortal mind and Sri Hara was faced with a dreadful conclusion. He would never return to his people, to die in his ancestral homelands as tradition demanded, as he desired, as instinct drove him to. So Sri Hara began to use his magic to extend his life, regenerating all that he could each day, and each day his life ebbs away a tiny bit more, magic or no. Millenia crash upon him and his bones ache, his body weakens and he questions if he will see the next sunrise as he backtracks through the Blind Eternities, returning to the lands of the Shining One hoping finally to find his genesis, so that he may share his knowledge of all there is with his people, and rest once and for all. Sri Hara knows there is a chance he may not return to his homeland, and though he long ago gave up the ways of the warrior for the ways of the sage, he remembers his yoddha vow. If he cannot make it home, then he will at least find a death worthy of his vow, a cause that is just so that he may lay down his life in its defense and hopefully find peace at last.