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Planeswalker Dossier: Sorinne Datharius

Sorinne Datharius (Street Rat; Treasure-Seeker; the Forsaken)

♀ Human, 21 years old

Physical Description

Sorinne is a slender, willowy young woman. Her straight, brown hair is very long. Her skin is milky. Her eyes are blue. Her face is somewhat square. Her nose is short. She is quite tall and her frame is narrow overall. Her build is wiry with a somewhat small bust and less apparent strength than she possesses. She has sometimes been described as pretty but is no great beauty.

Sorinne’s upper abdomen bears a large, straight scar and her mid-back bears a massive, jagged scar. Both these scars are the result of Dantalion’s comings and goings to and from her body.

Sorinne favors sturdy high boots, leather trousers, and a cloth shirt or blouse. Her clothes tend to be well-worn, but she favors blue and grey colors when given the opportunity. She owns a sturdy, well-fitted pair of leather gloves and sometimes remembers to use them.


Sorinne is an avid young woman. She has a strong, personal sense of justice but abhors rules and confinements and possesses a particular distaste for those who abuse positions of power. She doesn’t have a deep wellspring of common sense, but neither does she possess an overwhelming volume of courage: she is prone to getting in over her head or taking on a task only because she didn’t realize that she ought to be afraid of it. She is, however, notably clever and can often get herself out of troubling situations despite her fears. Also because of her lack of common sense, she is usually short on money and looking for a way to make more that she can talk herself into.

After her enslavement to Dantalion, she has sunk into a deep depression with occasional suicidal thoughts. Time alone will tell if she will recover, though her chances are probably good seeing as she has endured traumas in the past and has the support of Mattias and Kala.


Sorinne grew up as a street rat in a major city, ruled by a significantly bigoted and corrupt power center. When she was twelve, though, she angered the city guard by stepping between them and their mark, another child who they meant to beat, possibly to death, because the child was of a different ethnic group. For her resistance, in which she gave the guardsmen a few cuts and bruises and enabled their target to escape, she was swiftly scheduled for a public execution. As she was to be beheaded, however, she ascended as a Planeswalker instead. She has never returned to her home plane.

In the Multiverse, Sorinne has gotten by on odd jobs and, increasingly, on searching for big scores: bounty hunting, delving through ancient ruins in search of lost treasure, that sort of stuff. Very recently, she was contracted by a mysterious man to recover an orb from the desolate plane of Ythol. The orb contained the parasitic horror planeswalker known as Dantalion, who was released when Sorinne followed the instructions she was given. Dantalion quickly entered Sorinne’s body, and she was forced to act as his puppet for some time, gathering the pieces of the Ythol Annulus.

When a group of planeswalkers faced her and Dantalion in his sanctum, Dantalion was driven from her body. Sorinne survived the experience, but was left with scars both physical and mental from the experience.

Sorinne now leans somewhat on Mattias, as he has so far made the only external validation of her worth, which given her current state she dearly needs. Even were this not so, however, she would likely call him a true friend.


After her experience with Dantalion, Sorinne is essentially insensate to most forms of pain. It’s likely that magically induced pain similar to what Dantalion caused could still cause the normal reaction, at least with sufficient extra force, but basic pain sensation such as from being hurt just doesn’t register: It’s nothing next to what she suffered from Dantalion (and it’s quite possible her nerves were damaged).

Appears In

Phantoms of the Past (First Appearance)