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Plane Names Shandrovol
Author Tevish Szat
Major Natives
Khaar Zaroch, the Father of Machines
King Lemyranis
High Shaman Kosik
Ophelia Lumara
The God King
Notable Visitors
Kyara Vale
Illarion Vale
Public Available
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NOTE: This guide contains spoilers for the Illarion Vale story Corrosion

Shandrovol was a relatively peaceful plane until three years ago, when a long-growing infection burst forth: Phyrexia has gained a foothold on the plane and now threatens all the free peoples of the world.

Setting For

Wiki Page for this story
PG-13 Author: Subject:
Tevish Szat Illarion Vale and his sister Kyara travel to Shandrovol, but their sightseeing tour lands them in the middle of a conflict that could consume the entire plane
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
Mild Violence Body Horror, Mind Control, Suggestions of Suicide, Themes of War and Death
Read This First: Ordinary Day, Homecoming

Plane Information

Shandrovol: Year 3 After the Destruction of the God-King

Shandrovol is a moderate-sized, natural plane, mana rich and possessed of massive deposits of alabaster, jade, and precious metals that some Planeswalkers found useful. Somewhere in the first millennium AR, though, the warring Planeswalkers that threatened to destroy Shandrovol in conflict over its resources were essentially put into their place by a new, native entity – a man who came to be known as the God King. He killed at least one planeswalker, and drove off many others who threatened Shandrovol itself, though he did not attempt to bar them entirely from visiting the world.

During his lifetime, the God King united most of Shandrovol’s peoples under his banner. Goblins, elves, humans, dwarves, kor, and aven were all brought to heel, and while rumors persist that other factions, unwilling to follow the God King, were wiped out, there is no evidence of their existence to substantiate the rumors.

The God King died at the age of 120, but the proof of his supposed divinity lived on, for he was able to work magic from beyond the grave, through his corpse. His favored priests mummified his body to preserve the link between the mortal and the divine, and the God King’s second reign began with his choice as a young girl to act as the voice for his inanimate yet potent bones.

The God King then reigned for thousands of years, able to wield magic similar to what he had while alive and able to make edicts and speak the law through his chosen Speakers, he was no less effectual than a living monarch, but the difficulty of transporting him and the reduction of his powers meant he had to rely heavily on delegating responsibilities in the years after his death.

It is unclear exactly when, but a Phyrexian contagion entered Shandrovol at some point, and as on other planes (Such as Mirrodin or Elspeth’s home plane) eventually grew into a New Phyrexia. Little is known about the early days of Shandrovol’s Phyrexia – a cult of worshippers for it grew up in the western portion of the God King’s dominion, particularly the area known as the Silver Sea. By the time the nature of the cult was discerned, the Phyrexian corruption was already in an advanced state, capable of creating Phyrexian war-machines in bulk and having already terraformed the Silver Sea and much of the land surrounding that.

A brief conflict arose between the God King and the Father of Machines (a Praetor called Khaar Zaroch). Though Shandrovol’s Father of Machines preferred willing conversions and gradual compleations, attacks on his holdings by the God King provoked retaliation. The God King’s capital fell when the God King himself was destroyed, set ablaze by his last Speaker, Ophelia Lumara.

Though central authority in Shandrovol was shattered with that act and the balance of power tilted towards Phyrexia, the Father of Machines has largely rested on the laurels of that victory, and now makes slow but inexorable gains across the face of Shandrovol, forcing those who would resist conversion ever more distant – he seeks to conquer the world without a major expenditure of military might, and in the face of the death of the God King and the seeming invincibility of Phyrexia’s position, willing conversions do continue to bolster his cause.

Three major resistance factions still exist in Shandrovol. To the north, Kor and Goblins form the majority of the anti-Phyrexian forces. Both races refuse to accept any authority but that of the God King, and owing his destruction (Though the cause is not known), will struggle alongside their brethren but will not submit to the rule of others. In the south, Aven and Elves patrol the forests, answering to an elven man who claims descent from pre-God-King elven royalty, and thus a legitimate position of command over the elves and, ultimately over Shandrovol. Due East, Ophelia leads a largely human and dwarven faction, having declared herself Queen of Shandrovol and vowing, primarily, to destroy Phyrexia. Though the three factions are allied and do assist each other, their ideological differences sometimes hamper their cooperation.

Notable Personages

  • Khaar Zaroch: The Father of Machines, lord of Phyrexia. As a Phyrexian, Khaar Zaroch wishes to compleat all of Shandrovol, and the planes beyond. Khaar Zaroch believes in a slow but inevitable approach rather than overwhelming force of arms.
  • Kyara Vale: Due to her knowledge of Planes Beyond, Kyara Vale has risen to become Khaar Zaroch’s right hand. Her completed form is largely unchanged in appearance, but she has received several augmentations. While loyal to Khaar Zaroch at the start, every promotion that has granted her increased freedom has seen her building an agenda of her own, though for now her aims align with those of the Father of Machines.
  • King Lemyranis: King in the South, Lord of the Great Forests, the elf to whom most of elven kind and the aven pay homage to. He presents the outward face of a noble man, but that is only because he is subtle and devious.
  • Ophelia Lumara: Self-proclaimed Queen of Shandrovol, Mistress of the Flames. Ophelia is a wise but brutal and sometimes unpredictable queen. Only her strokes and fits of genius have kept her and her faction alive, while her penchant for having people who displease her burned at the stake has kept it smaller than it might have become
  • High Shaman Kosik: Spiritual leader of the goblins, and generally seen as he who speaks for the northern tribes: Goblin, Kor, or Human. Kosik is steeped in lore, and the oral tradition of goblin-kind, which differs heavily from the accounts of other races. Though goblins are usually seen as dim-witted, Kosik (even more than most of their shamans) is something of a savant when it comes to spiritual matters, which is a huge boon when fighting Phyrexia.

Expansion Needed

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