Renn Winmoore

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Renn Winmoore
Name: Renn Winmoore
Author: jedi
Classification: Human Spirit
Gender: Male
Colors: B/R
Public Available (Some Caveats: See #Ongoing Storyline)

Renn Winmoore is a strange rarity in the Multiverse: a spirit Planeswalker. While the Spark normally vanishes with death, the magic of Renn's home plane Aldis preserved him as a ghost after death, and his spark ignited during a failed exorcism. Young at the time of his death, Winmoore wanders the planes in search of fun and adventure.

Appears In

The Dead City (Wiki Page for this story)

Character Information


Renn stand’s about 5’10”. He wears his reddish brown hair short and parted to one side. When traveling he wears a Norfolk jacket and Plus-Twos, and a flat cap. When staying on Aldis he sticks more to frock coats, trousers, and a top hat. He has the normal spectral shimmer of ghosts. However there is a golden glow that seems to cascade out of Renn, this is his ignited spark. As he gains corporeality the glow fades, but grows as he looses corporeality.

Renn uses mana from around him to maintain his form. In dire straights he may let go of some of this mana, dispersing some of his form in the process. He can gain it back with concentration. If he draws in enough mana, aided by his many planar mana bonds, he can become corporeal, and more directly interact with his surroundings.


Renn was born to a noble family. He was the youngest in his family, and his mother had of a strange illness that even the greatest healers couldn’t cure when he was merely a child. One summer, when he was home from boarding school he, his father, and his brother, were attacked and killed by a barghest during a hunting trip.

Renn was able to gather his spirit and stay “alive”, aided by his then unknown spark. It took a couple days to bring his consciousness and spirit together. Since he was, technically speaking, dead he was no longer allowed to attend school. He returned home, as all of father’s staff had stayed on, and he had insured that the house would not be claimed. Faerie maids, and a goblin butler armed with simple charms and trinkets can do much to scare away potential buyers. The Winmoore estate is now famous as a haunted house.

One potential buyer called in a spirit expert to cleanse the house. The exorcist trapped him in a ring of special plants, binding him. He could feel his essence being ripped away, his very form fading away from reality. He would not get a third chance at life. He screamed in pain, refusing to go in peace. Silverware, lamps, rugs swirled assaulting the exorcist. As Renn summoned more and more mana, he began to glow. He felt a new power, and new understanding. He then found himself adrift in a chaotic swirl. He felt the pull of home and forced himself after it. When he reappeared in his house, the exorcist had been run off by his maids and butler. Part of him wondered what would have happened had he used that much magic when he lost his family.

He had learned much while at school, and had become rather adept at telekinesis magic. Renn uses such magic, and knowledge, to frustrate those whom he sees deserving. He stays active in the upper echelons of society, as many of his good friends are willing to accommodate the spectacle. While the local law tolerates his actions, they have labelled him a poltergeist, and celebrate his mysterious absences.


Renn is a trickster by nature, or so he would have you believe. He mourns the loss of his family, and hides this behind his light-hearted nature. It isn’t a hard ruse, as he was a famous prankster in life. He is well educated, and seeks to continue his studies, particularly of spell craft. Renn maintains a certain refinement of nobility. He likes to planeswalk, filling his curiosity and need to finish the education he was denied. He will always return home to relax and gather himself.

Ongoing Storyline

NOTE: Ongoing Storyline sections contain spoilers for M:EM and/or Canon works! Proceed at your own risk! View the #Appears In section to read the relevant works without getting spoiled.

In The Dead City Renn travels to the pocket plane of Ariva, where he is brainwashed and possessed by the powerful and ancient lich king Vasilias. He is last seen on Ihn Gallad, doing Vasilias's bidding. All stories taking place after the events of The Dead City in (some date boy we gotta figure out the calendar at some point huh) should take this into account.


Renn and Vasilias.jpg

Renn and Vasilias, as seen in The Dead City.

Art by DigitalSurrealist.