Raleris, the Lorekeeper

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Raleris, the Lorekeeper
Name: Raleris, called the Lorekeeper
Author: Trolljuju
Classification: Human Planeswalker
Gender: Male
Colors: Blue
Public Available
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Raleris is the current keeper of the so-called Infinite Library that once belonged to Commodore Guff. An ancient Planeswalker, Raleris now wanders Dominia in search of a worthy apprentice to carry on his work after he is gone.

Appears In

The City of Wonders (as narrator) (Wiki Page for this story)

Character Information


Raleris appears to be an old man, standing at about 5 feet tall. He has a full head of white hair that reaches his shoulders and a beard that rests on his chest. His eyes are normally dark grey but glow to match whichever color of mana he's using.

When it's convenient, he enjoys to dress up in extravagant robes with bright hues and delicate designs. But he knows that it's far more practical to not draw attention oneself, and so most of the time though he dresses plain black, brown, or grey robes.

He always carries a simple, well worn, wooden staff, and a spellbook from the Infinite Library.


As an premending planeswalker, Raleris has seen more and knows more than most other beings in the multiverse. He has learned much over his four thousand years, but most of all he's learned that knowledge is not something to be hoarded. He enjoys teaching even more than he enjoys learning.

To help him with this, he has acquired a most powerful tool. The Infinite Library. Hidden somewhere on Dominaria, the library once belonged to the power planeswalker Commodore Guff, who assisted Urza as one of the nine titans. Raleris was one of the few people who knew were the library was hidden, and so after Guff unfortunate death during the Phyrexian invasion of Dominaria, Raleris became the new caretaker of the Infinite Library.

The events surrounding the mending changed everything for Raleris, where before he had limitless time to record the histories of Dominia at his leisure, now he must face his growing age. Worse, he's dieing, not simply from his age, but from a most deadly sickness, known as the Pthisis. During the events before the final mending, time rifts were opening up all across Dominaria. While protecting people from the dangers of the future and the past, he exposed himself to the disease, then when the mending took his power the infection took hold in his now mortal body. So far he's been able to keep it under control using a combination delicate magics and life sustaining artifice. Always he must be careful not to use magic directly on the disease, for that only worsens it. Only one person was said to be able cure this deadly disease, and although he had died long ago, his legacy still lives on, but Raleris had promised himself that no matter how bad things get he will not turn to them.

Now Raleris has one goal behind his actions, to find one final student, an heir, a planeswalker he can trust to which he can give the responsibility of the Infinite Library, and title of Lorekeeper.


Raleris is, at his core, a blue mage. If possible he prefers to avoid direct combat in favor of counterspells and other control magics. But his vast knowledge of spells cover all colors of magic, he isn't afraid to throw a Doom Blade when necessary.

One Tactic he's he's particularly fond of is to summon a vast amount of unblockable beebles , to swarm and distract his opponent, without using lethal force.

Expansion Needed

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