Planeswalker's Guide to Ulgrotha

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The Planeswalker's Guide to Ulgrotha is a reformatted and renamed version of a document by Scott Hungerford and Kyle Namvar entitled Backstory for Magic the Gathering : Homelands. Written in 1995, it describes Ulgrotha, the setting for the Magic expansion Homelands, in extensive detail, down to the level even of individual card concepts.

The documents were originally given to the storyline guru Ashtok by Scott Hungerford himself. They first circulated on mtgsalvation, then on, and now I am posting them here, with Ashtok's permission. They were a part of the old Tome of Flavor on the Wizards Community Boards for a while, and now it appears here, in the M:EM archives, compiled with the actual cards from the Homelands set that the text describes. While the text has been left largely untouched, some minor edits to fix spelling errors have been made. Otherwise, the document remains as it did in 1995.

While some of the elements may now be of dubious canonicity, as a Prerevisionist document it falls under the Prerevisionist Rule--what is within the document is considered canon unless contradicted by Postrevisionist canon. Some elements of this document have made their way into Expanded Canon as well. Most notably, the planeswalkers Kirsh of the Flats and Asher come into conflict with the Timmerian Fiends that appear briefly in this guide.

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