Narissa Enshar

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Narissa Enshar (Assassin; Blood Mage; Acolyte of Wormwood; The Greatest Planeswalker in the Multiverse; the Arrogant)

Female Human Planeswalker, 28 Years Old

Physical Description

Narissa is a human woman. She is tall and athletically built. Her skin is naturally cream in color but usually tanned to a decent degree. Her eyes are dark green. Her hair is jet black. She looks somewhat youthful, her frame is narrow, and she has a slim face with high cheekbones and somewhat slanted eyes – features that suggest she may have a hint of elven heritage somewhere in her background. After the events of Phantoms of the Past, her left arm is gone somewhat below the elbow.


Above all else, Narissa is arrogant. Her pride far outstrips her other vices and her virtues alike. She will tout herself as the Greatest Planeswalker in the Multiverse, the best there has ever been, and in her heart she really believes that is true, no matter the contrary evidence she may face. Defeats are minor setbacks, clever withdrawals, or situations where she was cheated by chance. Victories are proof of her magnificence.

Narissa seems to habitually flirt with just about any intelligent being that crosses her path – male, female, undead, does not seem to matter. Her inclinations for actual partners are probably narrower, but she has been seen to proposition both men and women, though she might well be more of a tease than that and/or looking to get the guard of others down. The fact of the matter is she sees her own attractiveness (which of course, in her own mind, is absolutely above all others) as a tool she can use in addition to her own inclinations.

Narissa prefers not to kill, but only very slightly. If it becomes necessary, or even advantageous she will kill without any hesitation whatsoever, and she does not place any great value on the lives of others. She doesn’t kill people without reason, but she’s worked as an assassin, so it’s clear the reason needn’t be much, as others might figure it.

If Narissa respects anything other than her self, it is nature and the cycle of life as a whole. If she manages to avoid getting herself killed and learns humility, she could be a great champion and expression of the natural order, for life and death are both within her sphere, fertility and bloodshed. But before she can really progress, she needs to stop seeing herself as better than the multiverse.

Powers and Abilities

Narissa is athletic and capable. She has a decent sum of green magic, especially focusing on tending the land and forcing or controlling the growth of plants. She is also a blood mage: she can spill her own blood to unleash massively more power than she could otherwise access, or drain the blood of others to fuel her magic or heal her wounds.


Narissa grew up the mayor’s daughter in a farming village, the highest of the low class so to speak. She learned green magic from a close association between the town and the local druidic orders, and her blood magic she personally derived from her own inclinations and the more green teachings about the nature and connectedness of life. When she was around sixteen years old, she was dissatisfied with the small lot her family had – being the future ruler of a small town was nothing to her. She needed more. Over the next years, she began to work as an assassin in order to gain enough money to better her holdings, but when her king no longer needed her, she was captured, convicted for her contracted murders, and “cruelly and unjustly” sentenced to be cast into an oubliette and buried in filth and excrement over the course of days. Amidst this torturous “execution”, she ascended in a fit not of pain but rather of absolute indignation.

The planes, since then, have held endless fascination for Narissa. She makes her way among them, no longer needing to control or advance amongst the little people around her because she has determined herself to be far greater than any mortal, and not in need of proving it. In fact, they aren’t worthy of being ruled by her, only being fleeced by her, as she uses “paltry corners” of her skill in exchange for all they’re willing to pay.

Narissa was eventually contracted by Sorinne Datharius and Dantalion to retrieve a fragment of the Ythol Annulus. After Narissa delivered the fragment, she was banished to the Netherworld of Ythol. There, she met the Tattered King and made a pact with him to get them both out to the surface, where she could planeswalk away.

At the gates of the Netherworld, Narissa fought the angel that was the guardian of the way, and was grievously wounded. The Tattered King killed the distracted angel, and dragged Narissa beyond the bounds of the underworld, but would not lift a finger to help her.

Narissa narrowly managed to survive, planeswalking and arriving by chance (or supreme skill, in her estimation) in a place where she could be tended to with magical aid. Her left hand was severed at about the midway point between her elbow and wrist, and has been permanently lost to her.

Appears In

Phantoms of the Past (First Appearance)