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Molcru and Fala.jpg
art by Digital Surrealist
Name: Molcru ("maul-crew")
Author: Beast Engine
Classification: Lich
Gender: Male
Colors: W/B personality; B/G/U magic
Private Unavailable

Appears In

Molcru's Mercy

Molcru's Might

Molcru's Musings

Molcru's Mask

The Climb

Character Information


Name: Molcru (maul-crew)

Race: Lich (see below)

Height: 7'4

Weight: 559 lbs (fluctuates)

Age: 98


Personality- complex, largely W/B

Magic- B/G/U

Availability: Private


Undead humanoid. Body consists of an animated skeleton and a large mass of magically grown living biomatter shaped to conform to a typical humanoid body design. This biomatter is a part of Molcru's body and is magically linked to his being. He is rarely seen without his armor, which is complex and mechanical, containing several sections that can be dislodged and used as melee weapons when needed. This armor is constructed of an unpainted alloy of several high-weight, high-strength metals, some of which are magical in origin.


Molcru is technically a lich, and as such is no longer constrained by mortal biological limitations. He does not need to breathe, eat, or sleep, and his bones are essentially unaffected by any known attack, magical or otherwise. The biomatter substrate that makes up his body is a complex organism that fulfills many functions. It enhances his strength to extreme levels and makes him very heavy. It can generate thousands of different gases, liquids and living contagions that can have nearly any affect on biological organisms, some of which are induced sleep, paralysis, corrosion, and healing. These effects are achieved without the use of mana, as the biomatter is a fully functioning organism independent of magic. In extreme cases, Molcru can infuse his body with mana, accelerating or changing these effects as needed. The biomatter substrate recycles all nutrients and resources perfectly without waste, and as such it does not need to eat to replenish its mass. It does, however, occasionally require energy, which is usually gained via the consumption of food, sunlight, or mana. The biomatter, like Molcru's bones, is essentially indestructible, regenerating from nearly any trauma as long as it has access to air and/or soil and some form of energy. This substance is not only chemically resilient, it is also physically motile and adaptable. It can take nearly infinite forms independent of Molcru's bones, which include separate organisms (spawnlings, tracker parasites) and dextrous tentacles that enhance Molcru's interaction with the world. Its anchor to Molcru's essence renders it and Molcru's bones inseparable if he does not will it, and as such it comes with him if he planeswalks.


Molcru is a complex being, whose personality and psychology have been sculpted over decades of lively undeath. He is usually serious and severe, seldom speaking, preferring his actions to speak for him. When he does speak, especially to strangers, he is normally blunt and direct, refusing to mince words or engage in small talk. Despite his fearsome appearance, he is in actuality a shy person, and does not feel comfortable in social situations, favoring solitude or a small meeting with his few close friends. He is capable of joviality, even silliness, but these rarely surface, as he thinks that too much whimsical indulgence will distract him from his work and areas of dedication. He is a fierce believer in justice, and considers himself to be a defender of those that cannot defend themselves, especially outcasts and pariahs, as he has been one for many years. He has a soft spot for children, as he knows that he will never be able to have children of his own. As a result, child abuse and neglect are crimes that he normally reacts violently toward.

Weaknesses/Character flaws

Molcru is at most times a calm, contemplative being, rarely given to torrents of emotion or flights of fancy. As such, he rarely suffers illogical or emotional people, which can make him openly intolerant. And while his patience is considerable, certain acts will cause him to be consumed by rage, these are what Molcru considers to be “unforgivable” crimes. If he encounters an individual that he considers unworthy of life, he will exterminate him/her/it with extreme, almost gleeful prejudice. To Molcru, second chances are not given to people once they cross a specific moral line, and he takes great pride and pleasure in devouring said individuals. To him, his judgment is perfectly sound, and he will not be dissuaded by any amount of begging or promises of correction. Molcru's stubbornness is nearly legendary, and unless he thinks there is a possibility he could be wrong, he cannot be talked into other channels of thought. His intense code of morality is unflinchingly rigid, and the occasionally untargeted nature of his magic makes hostage-taking an effective countermeasure against him. He will not risk blanket-infecting an area if, for example, children's lives are at stake.

Physically, Molcru's body and grasp of magic present him with multiple vulnerabilities in combat. His size renders him very immobile, and his maximum running speed is unimpressive. Molcru's magic is adept at destroying or neutralizing biological opponents and manipulating chemical agents, but he cannot readily and forcibly blast anything physically aside, as a pyromancer can. Most of his physically destructive potential comes from the natural strength of his body, which renders him less powerful past melee range. He has no defense against well-crafted illusions, as he possesses no form of magical sight that allows him to tell the difference between the real and the unreal when they are both presented to him. His mental barriers are tough, but not unbreakable, and an experienced and powerful mind mage could penetrate his defenses.

His most critical weakness, however, is his phylactery. Molcru is a lich, and as such, his soul is contained within an object, in this instance, a sphere of simple steel approximately four inches in diameter. When Molcru is on his home plane, it remains hidden deep within his underground fortress, behind a myriad of physical and magical defenses and traps that would be nigh-impossible for any mage or planeswalker to penetrate. When the occasion arises that he must planeswalk, Molcru retrieves his heart and implants it in his chest, nestled at the center of his biomatter body. This sphere of steel is seemingly unremarkable, but it is saturated with enchantments and curses that Molcru has attached to it over many decades of magical research. It is preturnaturally heavy when Molcru wills it, at over 300 lbs, and only those with strength equal or greater than Molcru's can lift it. It is coated with a unique, semi-sentient infection that is capable of analyzing the physiology of any being that attempts to steal it, and altering its own makeup to become overwhelmingly toxic and viral to that species. It secretes a highly corrosive acid at will, to melt through any tools or artificial means of handling it. If it is ever separated from Molcru, it begins to grow at an extraordinary rate, becoming a separate, adaptable organism that knows only to destroy any living being that approaches it and to reunite with Molcru.

Despite these precautions, if Molcru is rendered unconscious (which is possible via an extremely powerful sleep or coma spell), his phylactery can be stolen, provided it is with him. One would still have to contend with his body, which is self-regulating and independent, but if it were incapacitated, one could simply physically reach into his chest and take it (provided one is immunized to the extreme toxicity and virulence of Molcru's flesh). Once it is removed and taken off of the plane, Molcru will begin to grow weak. The further away via planeswalking the phylactery is taken, the weaker Molcru will get. Time also factors into the weakening. If Molcru cannot find the plane it has been taken to in time and find someone to retrieve it for him (he cannot planeswalk without his heart), his body will shut down until it is brought to the same plane as his phylactery, or vice-versa.

Notable Magic

  • Growth – Molcru can call any species of plant or bacteria into existence via the use of mana, provided he has acquired the organism's genetic signature beforehand. He can also accelerate the growth of plants already in the environment, and augment their physical properties.
  • Healing – Molcru has encyclopedic knowledge of most known organisms' physiology, and as such can use applied life energy to regenerate and heal almost any biological organism, an in extreme cases can bring them back from death itself, provided that the subject has not been dead for longer than several minutes.
  • Infection – The biomatter substrate that makes up Molcru's body is capable of producing thousands of different materials and secretions, the most powerful of which are his contagions and plagues, which are engineered for maximum effect against a wide variety of targets.
  • Resilience – Molcru's personal aether anchor prevents his body from being warped or displaced by external magical forces. He cannot be forcibly teleported or magically displaced.


Molcru was, originally, a human, born on the plane of Krathia, to farming parents in a small plains village, on the edge of a mighty forest. At the age of eleven, Molcru realized that plants responded to his touch and thoughts. At his behest, he could accelerate their growth very slightly. He used this newfound talent to ensure and enhance the fertility of his village's crops. He kept his talent a secret, however, as magic was conventionally distrusted on Krathia, and he was unsure of how his friends and family would react. Life went on peacefully, but as time passed, surrounding provinces became jealous and suspicious of his now-wealthy and well-fed home. They assumed that his village was built on sacred or magical land, and some wanted it for themselves. Eventually, they decided to take it.

A coordinated raid, launched by mercenaries hired by three surrounding cities, took place late at night, when Molcru was sixteen years old. The people in his town were not trained fighters, and as such, they were taken completely by surprise. Molcru at this point had honed his bio-magic to new levels, and used it to combat the raiders, ripping them to shreds with summoned flora. He fought his way to the main part of the town, as his own home was just outside it. Bodies were piled in the streets. He saw no survivors, and as he came to his parents' cottage, he found that they had been murdered along with the rest, mercenaries standing over their bodies. He was too late.

Molcru, in a surge of rage, sorrow, and pain, felt something churning and boiling beneath his skin. He let the rush of mana take him, and as it did, he unleashed a violent, corrosive infection into the air. It blasted the mercenaries aside, melting the skin from their bones, and rushed from the cottage, sweeping through the burning ruins of his village, rotting all of the mercenaries from the inside out. None were spared. The fatigue that the spell caused gripped him along with the pain of the loss of his friends and family, and it was too much for him to bear. He lost consciousness, but before he did, he felt a strange presence within him. His planeswalker's spark had ignited, although he did not realize it.

In the years following, Molcru developed his craft in secret, honing his skills and creating new forms of life that could be summoned at his will, both as weapons and as medicine or food. He met others like him, and learned that he was a planeswalker, that the presence he carried with him allowed him to traverse the many planes of existence. He went with them, but as he traveled, he noticed that there was much suffering in all of the lands that he came to. He decided that his life would be best spent bringing safety and happiness to all that deserved it, through research, experimentation, and honor. However, he discovered a flaw in his goal that would ultimately bring it to an end: his death. He would not have enough time to ensure that no one would ever have to endure what had befallen him as a child.

And so, he set out in search of immortality. He met with demons, but refused their dark deals, as his soul was always the price asked. He needed a way to ensure his infinite life without sacrificing his soul. After decades of searching, he finally encountered a method. He would sever his soul from his body, and place it in a state of infinite, fragile peril, completing the ritual that would turn him into a lich. He gathered the ingredients and mana bonds required to initiate the ritual, and completed it. He placed his soul within a small sphere of steel that he had had forged specifically for this purpose. His body began to die, and eventually it completely rotted away, leaving only indestructible bones behind. He initially mourned the loss of all the things that he had sacrificed by doing so, but steeled himself and looked toward a brighter future. With his immortality secured, he had all the time he needed to slowly and surely grow and develop the methods to bring utopian perfection to the Multiverse.


Molcru and Fala.jpg

Molcru and Fala, as seen in The Climb, by DigitalSurrealist.