Mattias the Tinkerer

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Mattias (of Kalishin; the Tinkerer)

♂ Human Planeswalker, 23 years old

Physical Description

Mattias is a somewhat average man, with a bulky frame and broad shoulders with average height, but overall neither great athleticism nor lack thereof. His black hair is usually short and rarely kept well-groomed and he most usually sports somewhere between stubble and a full beard, as he rarely finds the opportunity to shave. His skin is of a medium Caucasian tone, edging towards the lighter if he has had his way and remained in his workshop and not the sun. His large hands are a bit calloused and frequently sport a few nicks and scratches from encountering harsh edges in his work, though no great injury.


Mattias is a rare combination of book-smart and street-smart, being both a more accomplished artificer than he might realize and a member of the low-middle class where some wit in dealings has always been required for survival. He is not, however, terribly outgoing or friendly, though he is more shy than unfriendly and rarely has a harsh word for anyone. He analyzes situations carefully and picks up on hidden details quite easily. Mattias is overall driven by logic and reason, rather being ruled by his emotions, and will usually rationalize his course of action. That said, he has a good heart and a solid moral compass, and will choose to do freely and without excessive debate what most would or at least could call “the right thing”. Similarly, he is easily moved to pity and has taken it as a matter of reason that it is good to help those in need.


Mattias was born and raised in the New Kingdom of Kalishin, and is a casual follower of the Reclaimer – nearly automatic as a New Kingdom artificer. He is mostly self-taught in his trade, with no formal apprenticeship and little in the way of opportunities to learn from his betters, and yet he stands as a decent artificer, a testament to his aptitude. On Kalishin, he ran his own salvage shop, making and fixing trinkets using parts largely considered garbage by the local engine miners.

After a new foreman shut down his source of free materials, Mattias investigated the long-abandoned former engine mine of the community. There he found Kala, bereft of her memories, and quickly set about repairing her under her instruction, as well as learning magic from her.

The arrival of Sorinne and Dantalion changed his life, after nearly ending it and causing his Planeswalker Spark to ignite. He was soon drawn into the conflict over the Ythol Annulus.

Mattias has very close bonds with both Kala and Sorinne due to his interactions with each of them.

Appears In

Phantoms of the Past