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Name: Maral, Celestial Wright
Author: Barinellos
Classification: Giant Planeswalker
Gender: Female
Public Available
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Maral is a giant, and a skilled smith, who travels the Multiverse seeking rare and powerful artifacts to add to her collection.

Appears In

Character Information

Maral is an immense and thickly muscled woman who stands three times the size of a man and twice as wide. Her arms alone are as thick as most men's trunks. She has long crimson hair that she keeps bound at the back of her neck, eyes the color of granite, and her skin is darkly bronzed by long exposure to the heat of forges, many of which include open pits of magma. Maral is a master craftsman, from a race known for their work, but though her own skills are amazing, she realizes how little she knows of her craft when confronted with the wonders hammered out in the forges of the Eternities.

The planes of Dominia are places of unfathomable and intricate beauty, shaped by forces of unparalleled creation. She has come to appreciate each and every world as a unique piece forged by time and is fascinated by the furnaces of history they were born from. As much as this stirs her though, this is not what drives her. Worlds are too large for her to learn from, but there are things that drift throughout Dominia which have truly caught her interest.

Scattered throughout the many worlds are works of art so astounding that they have shifted histories, and many of these have found ways to escape from the earthly bonds from which they were constructed. Maral is driven to find these items, to learn more about them and to study the hand that crafted them. They are artifacts of incredible reputation and power, relics that have made empires rise and ruined lives. She wants to know everything she can about them, gather them, safeguard them, and if necessary... destroy them.

Maral has used much of what she has learned to create an immense vault in which she stores the artifacts that she creates and collects, a vault that doubles as a forge she'd only dreamt of when she was a girl learning the first lessons of a smith. She has accumulated unique materials from across the myriad worlds, learned more than any of her kind before, and could be a rich woman if she so chose, but wealth is not what she desires. She would never be content with that. She is driven by that which seems to drive every artisan: perfection.

More than an architect of creation, she is a master of destruction and feels the heavy weight of responsibility to destroy relics which have proven too dangerous to be allowed to drift in the worlds. She learns of the artifacts from many sources, some from records of those she has dealt with in the past and some following rumors. She bankrolls much of her quest by selling masterworks and commissions to other walkers. She is less concerned with what others do with her creations than what havoc others could cause if left to their own devices.

Expansion Needed

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