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Magic: the Gathering is a trading card game produced by Wizards of the Coast. It's pretty cool. Honestly, we kind of assume that your being here means you already know what MTG is. But for the benighted we may as well introduce the game. Magic: The Gathering was the world's first trading card game. Released in 1993 the game exceeded all expectations to become an international sensation. New sets are still being produced to this day, over twenty years later. Magic was created by Richard Garfield (PhD) and we thank him for it. Magic has a fantasy motif. Players take on the role of powerful mages called "planeswalkers" with the rare talent traverse the planes of the multiverse. A game of Magic is flavoured as a duel between planeswalkers.


Constructed Magic is any form of MTG played with prebuilt decks. Players build decks out of the cards in their collection in the hopes of producing the most powerful, fun or amusing deck they can. Standard, Modern, Legacy and Vintage are (in decreasing order of sanity) common formats for constructed play. They are not however, the only constructed formats. Every format has different restrictions on which cards are allowed to be played. The standard format "rotates"- banning older sets from play as newer ones are released to provide a constantly fresh metagame. Modern, Legacy and Vintage are "eternal formats"- sets do not become ineligible in these formats as new sets are released.


Limited Magic is played with decks built from cards attained at the limited event being played. The two main forms of sealed play areSealed and Draft. Decks for sealed games are constructed from one large pool of cards given out to the player. In drafts, players take turns individually choosing cards to build their own card pool. Recent Magic sets have been designed with limited play in mind so that each new set or block of sets provides its own fine-tuned limited environment. Older sets were only designed with constructed in mind. People try playing limited games with these sets anyway. Many people have died trying to do this.


Casual Play

Multiplayer and Two-Headed Giant, Commander, Cube

You Make the Card

You Make the Card

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