Lukas Harran

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Lukas Harran
Name: Lukas Harran
Author: Davflamerock
Classification: Human
Gender: Male
Public Available

Lukas Harran is a human planeswalker who wields black mana. He specializes in death magic, occult rituals, and the summoning of abyssal creatures such as imps and occasionally demons.

Appears In

The Fallen Pharaoh
Wiki Page for this story
PG-13 Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack Lukas Harran is hunting demons, looking to recover what was taken from him. But he never expected to find a pharaoh, Kahr-ret-Taris, trapped by demon magic. Can they work together to defeat the most power demon on Helkavin?
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
violence, grief, willing self-sacrifice

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The War of the Wheel
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PG-13 Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack The fates of numerous planes are at stake as The Dual-Walkers unleash their wrath on the Multiverse, and it is up to a motley crew of planeswalkers to stop them... if they can.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
excessive violence, blackmail, survivor guilt, language
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Search through the Darkness
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PG-13 Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack Now that Denner Fabellian knows what he's looking for to cure his poison, he turns to Lukas Harran to help him find the first piece of his cure. But Lukas is experiencing his own form of poison.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
corruption, grief
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Character Information

Lukas Harran was raised in a home of order and duty, of giving and of health. He loved his family very much, and when he came of age he joined a strict, militant order as his father and brother had before him. There, he met his first and only love of his life: the angel Gabrielle. Their love was mutual, and not the first, and likewise it was not the first to fail. Lukas' descent into darkness began when Gabrielle was slain by demon cabalists. An angel's essence is a powerful thing, and the cultists managed to trap it within an arcane object they called a soulstone. Desperate to rescue his beloved angel's soul, Lukas devised a plan to infiltrate the cabal and find the soulstone.

When the order he had joined would not help him against the cabal, Lukas sought out the help of dark warlocks in the distant moors, who, at his insistence, severed all of his bonds to white mana. He then joined the dark cabal, replacing his mana bonds with black mana so that his cover as a cultist would be complete. When he finally made his way to the demon at the heart of the cabal, he confronted it and learned that the demon had not taken Gabrielle's soulstone—but rather another demon unknown to this particular cult had taken it and made off with it through a portal to another world.

In the confrontation, Lukas enlisted the demon's help in finding a way to follow the demon who had stolen the soulstone. To do that, the demon cursed Lukas with black magic—magic of death and corruption. Instead of dying, Lukas's spark flared, and with the demon's curse, he was doomed to wield only black mana for the rest of his life.

Now a planeswalker, Lukas used his new power to search the planes for the demon who had taken his angel's soulstone. From world to world he sought out and confronted demons, only to learn that they too did not have it. All the while, he held true to the honor he had upheld his whole life, yet more and more his use of dark magic distressed him, and soon he began to despise himself for the pact he had made with that first demon.

Eventually, Lukas' search for his angel's soulstone led him to Zendikar, a world of treasures, demons, and angels. There he joined an expedition to a Sejiri ruin, one he hoped would shed some light on the nature of soulstones, and whether it could help him find the demon he sought. There he met another young planeswalker who insisted upon becoming his friend despite his self-loathing. Yet, when she was slain by the awakening world deep beneath the icy continent, Lukas realized that he had let his obsession with his quest and his self-hatred consume him. With nothing more to learn of soulstones on Zendikar, Lukas departed, treasuring his lost friend as a promise of hope.

Sample Card

Card Information
Name: Lukas Harran
Type: Planeswalker-Lukas
Text: +1: Put a 0/1 black Imp creature token with flying onto the battlefield.

-1: Add to your mana pool.

-3: Put an X/X black Demon creature token with flying onto the battlefield, where X is the number of cards in your hand.

Rarity: Unknown Rarity
Designer: DavFlamerock

Ongoing Storyline

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In The Fallen Pharaoh, Lukas Harran found himself on the plane of Helkavin, where he became embroiled in the rebellion of the humans there against their demon overlords. There he met Kahr-ret-Taris and freed the planeswalker pharaoh from a demonic bloodrock. Lukas and Kahr then made their way to Skavlakur on Arbagoth, where they hope to regain Kahr's throne.