List of Unnamed Planes

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The following are a list of planes which have been featured or mentioned in the M:EM Archive, and are considered implied canon for the M:EM.

By Story Name

Climb Every Mountain

Fisco visits a plane in which he had set up three homeless shelters that also served as a spy ring. The homeless shelters are now burned down.

History's End

Location of a rip in time, known as the Ginnungagap, which was hidden by The Historian. The Ginnungagap's location is now only known by Ilyria, though it was presumably closed during the Mending.

Phantoms of the Past

Unnamed plane 1

A piece of the Ythol Annulus was hidden here. It is one of the planes that Vyntiria set up cults to worship her, and as such the antlered elves she was known for are the only known race. Remnants of Vyntiria's reach/reign can still be found across the plane, though it's implied worship of her has mostly fallen away.

Unnamed plane 2

A piece of the Ythol Annulus was hidden here. Locals knew this piece of the Annulus the Savior Stone. The only things known about the plane is that it has two suns and that those who kept the piece of the Annulus built their architecture without straight lines or right angles.

By Planeswalker

Aloise's Home Plane

Not much is known of Aloise Hartley's home plane. It has a lunar-based calendar.


  • Lyriswood - Enlightened forest-city nearby Lys's home
  • Aloise's home town - A large walled city with xenophobic practices, known to burn witches at the stake.


  • Enlightened - Unknown, but the Enlightened are presumed to be either a location or faction on the plane.

Donagut's First 'Walk

Donagut's first 'walk was to a plane with a group of Vedalken warrior monks. Vedalken are the only known race of the plane, and they are presumably all of the four-armed variety. The warrior monks taught Donagut one of their presumably many martial art styles, the Broken Bone style, which only uses two of their four arms.

Fisco's Home Plane

Not much is known of Fisco's home plane. The name of his home town/city is Rema, which Fisco murdered nearly the entire population of. This event became known as "the Culling of Rema" and has become a notable historical event on the plane.

Kala's Home Plane

Little is known of Kala's home plane. A race of angel-like beings inhabited it, possibly as augmented humans, which called themselves the Sky Lords and called the other races of the plane Groundlings. Most if not all members of this race were born with pure white wings, making Kala an outlier, as she was born with dappled grey wings.