Kirsh of the Flats

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Kirsh of the Flats
Name: Kirsh of the Flats
Author: Sam KeeperofManyNames
Classification: Aven Planeswalker
Gender: Male
Colors: W/U
Public Available
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Kirsh is a planeswalker who wields white and blue mana. He values neutrality and peace overall, prefering solitude, sun bleached wastes, and the contemplation of the multiverse over battle. After a disastrous attempt at mass resurrection that caused his Planeswalker spark to ignite, he has remained fearful of his own power, and is only now coming to slowly embrace it more.

Appears In

Dominian Nightmares

Character Information

Following the Phyrexian Invasion, wounded gravely in battle, Kirsh retreated into the Skycloud Expanse of Otaria to live the last days of his life in quiet contemplation. He slowly recovered from his wound, however, and the years ran together as he found kinship with his desolate new home.

He was understandably astonished when one day a group of nomadic humans came upon him and informed him that over one hundred years had passed since the end of the war.

Kirsh joined the nomads and slowly learned to translate his introspection on the plains into a powerful healing talent--a talent sorely needed during the madness unleashed on Otaria by Karona. At the low point of the war, surrounded by dead allies and in desperation, Kirsh attempted to rebind the souls of his comrades to their bodies. The spirits of the dead were trapped and crystallized, turned into frozen statues gazing towards the vision of Karona in the distance. In horror, the aven fled, so distraught that he never noticed when his steps carried him into the blind eternities.

Since that moment, Kirsh has wandered the planes, constantly seeking again the untouched solitude of the skycloud, plying his skills as a healer for any he comes across, no matter their nature. As he works he sings a soft, sad song of wind over grass and still water.

It is a reminder to himself that no Planeswalker or healer should ever imagine themself a god.

Ongoing Storyline

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Prior to the events of Dominian Nightmares, Kirsh spent many years on the Sertarian continent Amaran. After the events of Dominian Nightmares, Kirsh is wandering Dominia in search of a greater understanding of mental illness and trauma--both for his patients and for himself. Stories featuring him should take this into account.

Expansion Needed

Kirsh is the subject of only one story. If you have an idea for a story that could feature Kirsh, share it in the Expanded Multiverse forum.