Kimberley Talon

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Kimberley Talon
Name: Kimberley Talon
Author: RuwinReborn
Classification: Human Planeswalker
Gender: Female
Public Available
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Kimberley Talon is a skilled illusionist who has been searching the Multiverse for the man who killed her father.

Appears In

The Eightfold Lotus
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PG Author: Subject:
RuwinReborn The samurai known as the Eightfold Lotus carved a legend across countless planes with his sword, and now another planeswalker traces the legend in order to finally confront its source.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
Violence, implied abuse
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Character Information


Kimberley Talon was born into a handful of poor circumstances. When she was barely old enough to walk, her father murdered her mother, who had threatened to take Kimberley away due to her father's increasingly violent tendencies. What sort of madness drove Kimberley's father to murder is a mystery that escapes Kimberley, but the madness itself did not. At first, Kimberley was oblivious to her father's madness. He was always very kind, always loving, unless she did something he did not approve of. When she was eight, the beatings began, and over the next two years, they became more severe.

Her father, unable to hold any sort of respectable job, took to murdering people in the streets of the overcrowded city she lived in and taking whatever they had on them. For a while, this was enough, though Kimberley lived in constant fear of her father returning home. One day, he did, and, after forcing Kimberley into a pre-planned hiding place, was killed by Jinsen the Eightfold Lotus. He was like an angel, to her, perfectly white, and he saved her from the man she so despised.

But then, he left, and she was alone with the corpse of her father.

She wept, searching her father's corpse for something, anything to remind her of the stranger, and when she found the lotus tile that Jinsen had dropped on the floor by accident, she was filled by wonder, and mostly, heated repulsion of her father.

She ascended.

Now, she has spent every day since she was ten years old fighting for her life and looking for Jinsen. It's not easy being a poor, young woman in the multiverse, but luckily, she has always been clever and good at hiding.

Personality and Appearance

Kimberley likes stories - the books she read as a child were some of the only escapes she had from her father. She is generally reserved, though she is capable of putting on a number of different façades in order to trick people into giving her what she wants. She is mulishly stubborn, but knows how to try a different approach when something is not going her way.

Kimberley has light, brown hair and green eyes. She is pretty, and knows how to use those charms to her advantage if she so chooses. Generally, she dresses in nondescript leathers of black, brown, and grey, and keeps her hair short.


Kimberley is an amateur mage at best, and specializes in magic that keeps her hidden or unnoticed. She can muffle her footsteps, change her appearance slightly, and even turn invisible briefly. She has picked up a few tricks - a little telepathy, a little lock-picking - in her long search for Jinsen. Always traveling, she's fit and quick on her feet. She keeps alert, and if forced into a dangerous situation, is always looking for opportunities to turn the tide in her favor or escape.


Kimberley Talon -
Planeswalker - Kimberley
[+1] Look at target player's hand.
[+1] Kimberley Talon gains hexproof until the beginning of your next turn.
[-6] Choose three permanents you control and three permanents another player controls. Exchange control of those permanents.
2 starting loyalty

Ongoing Storyline

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After the events of The Eightfold Lotus Kimberley Talon and Jinsen have been traveling together.

Expansion Needed

Kimberley has only one story so far. If you have an idea for a story featuring Jinsen, share it in the forums.