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Name: Kahr-ret-Taris
Author: RavenoftheBlack
Classification: Human
Gender: Male

Appears In

The Fallen Pharaoh
Wiki Page for this story
PG-13 Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack Lukas Harran is hunting demons, looking to recover what was taken from him. But he never expected to find a pharaoh, Kahr-ret-Taris, trapped by demon magic. Can they work together to defeat the most power demon on Helkavin?
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
violence, grief, willing self-sacrifice

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The War of the Wheel
Wiki Page for this story
PG-13 Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack The fates of numerous planes are at stake as The Dual-Walkers unleash their wrath on the Multiverse, and it is up to a motley crew of planeswalkers to stop them... if they can.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
excessive violence, blackmail, survivor guilt, language
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The Pilgrim and the Pharaoh
Wiki Page for this story
G Author: Subject:
Aaarrrgh Tey'von is searching for something to believe in, and Kahr-ret-Taris, the god-king of Skavlakur is potentially that thing.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
Read This First: The War of the Wheel, The Naming Ceremony

Character Information


Name: Kahr-ret-Taris

Race: Human

Colors: B/R/G

Home Plane: Arbagoth

Status: Public

Physical Description

Kahr-ret-Taris is an impressive physical specimen. He stands at about six and a half foot tall, with a thick but extremely muscular frame that speaks to a life as a warrior. His skin tone is described as that of rich mahogany wood, and his hair is jet-black, thick and long. He typically goes clean-shaven, to the point of shaving twice a day, and will usually have all of his body hair removed regularly, leaving only his hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. His face is extremely expressive, and given that he is prone to emotional outbursts, his expressions change often. Kahr-ret-Taris is a vain man, and is proud of his body, and so he often wears very little clothing, covering only his thighs and privates. Normally, he will only cover his upper body if the weather demands it.


Kahr-ret-Taris is generally a good man, but he is self-centered and arrogant, symptoms of having been born the son of a Pharaoh and having ascended to what he and others had believed was godhood. Although Kahr cares deeply for the safety and the happiness of his people, it is always his own concerns he sees to first, even though he rarely if ever realizes it. In fact, he often justifies his own more selfish actions as benefiting his people, even when that connection is thin or non-existent. Kahr was born into a world fiercely infused with green mana, and is a strong believer in the natural order. However, as a Pharaoh’s son and god-king, Kahr-ret-Taris views himself as the top of that natural order. The sacrifice of his underlings, while appreciated, is also expected, in his eyes. Kahr is also a very emotional man, given to sudden and aggressive bouts of anger, sorrow, love, or whatever else he might be feeling at the time.


On the plane of Arbagoth, the kingdom of Skavlakur is ruled by a dynasty of pharaohs assumed to be divine. The first Pharaoh was Luhk-ret-Taris, Kahr’s direct ancestor and progenitor of the ret-Taris Dynasty. The ret-Taris family ruled Skavlakur for nearly 2000 years until it was overthrown by the insurgent ret-Syrris family. In the revolt, Kahr’s father, the Pharaoh Ruhk-ret-Taris, was murdered while Kahr was forced to watch. This action ignited Kahr’s spark, and as the ret-Syrris assassins attempted to murder him, as well, Kahr planeswalked away.

Kahr-ret-Taris had no idea what had happened to him. He knew nothing about planeswalkers or the other planes of existence, and so, finding himself on the demon-ruled plane of Helkavin, Kahr-ret-Taris became convinced that he had been killed, and was in the afterlife. Kahr’s spark ignited before the Mending, making him an oldwalker, but Kahr merely assumed his great powers were his right as a Pharaoh, a god-king. He warred with the Greater Demons of Helkavin, and established himself as a god-king of the humans who had been ruled by those demons. Eventually, with his afterlife kingdom won and the demons scattered, Kahr-ret-Taris decided to try to return to the land of the living.

Without truly knowing what he was doing, Kahr-ret-Taris planeswalked back to Arbagoth and the kingdom of Skavlakur. Unfortunately, his return coincided almost perfectly with the Mending, and when he arrived at his home plane, Kahr found himself far weaker than he had been. The ret-Syrris guards wounded Kahr until he was forced to retreat, and instinctively, he ‘walked back to Helkavin. The few remaining Greater Demons sensed his weakness immediately, and trapped him in a demonic Bloodrock, where he would suffer forever.


Kahr-ret-Taris is an accomplished warrior and mage. He uses a combination of black, red and green mana spells, and is equally adept at all three, though the angrier he gets in battle, the more he starts to favor red. Kahr-ret-Taris also has access to the words of the Demonbane, a magic spell that can instantly kill even the most powerful of demons, though whether the Demonbane works outside of Helkavin where it was found is still unknown. Finally, as heir to the ret-Taris Dynasty, he also possesses a powerful magic of the ancient Pharaohs, a spell known as the Pyre of the Devout. The Devout are an order of clerics wholly dedicated to the divinity of the Pharaoh, and, if a Devout willingly offers his or her life to the Pharaoh, the Pyre can consume them completely, and rejuvenate the youth of the Pharaoh. Using this power, Kahr’s ancestors were able to rule for centuries. Kahr’s own father had ruled for nearly two hundred years when he was assassinated.


Kahr-ret-Taris is gay. He is respectful of other sexualities, but because of his inherent vanity and self-absorption, he tends to assume every man he meets is also gay and is attracted to him. He finds it a little jarring in those instances where he’s wrong.