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Name: Jinsen, The Eightfold Lotus
Author: RuwinReborn
Classification: Kor Planeswalker
Gender: Male
Public Available
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Jinsen is a powerful and talented samurai, the last Weapons Master of the Eightfold Lotus school. However, he has become disillusioned with his path of violence and now wanders the Multiverse in search of enlightenment.

Appears In

The Eightfold Lotus
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PG Author: Subject:
RuwinReborn The samurai known as the Eightfold Lotus carved a legend across countless planes with his sword, and now another planeswalker traces the legend in order to finally confront its source.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
Violence, implied abuse
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Character Information


Jinsen was born on the road, on a plane where the Kor seldom found any place to settle down for long. Viewed as superstitious and sometimes downright evil, Kor formed nomadic family-bands that constantly moved from place to place for their own safety. Each family-band, eventually, produced a Weapon Master by necessity, and each Weapon Master perfected a style of combat unique to them by that same token. As time wore on, the Weapon Masters trained younger Kor, passing on the defense of the Kor to the next generation. Weapon Masters, of all the Kor, stayed in one place - remote shrines or dojos - and beckoned all willing and able young Kor to come and learn at their feet. Jinsen chose this path, and studied beneath the Weapon Master of the Steel Tempest discipline, though he proved to be a poor student.

One day, Jinsen's dojo was visited by an aging Kor woman, who his master paid homage and respect towards. The old Kor, the last practitioner of a dying style known as the Eightfold Lotus, had come seeking a pupil to carry on her discipline. One by one, Jinsen's master's prized students were rejected, until it came time for Jinsen to demonstrate his worth. He did so. Poorly.

The Kor woman chose him over all the others, and to this day he is not certain why.

His training was rigorous, constant, and unforgiving. The Eightfold Lotus specialized in the use of a Katana, and only a Katana - a fact that separates it from the rest of the disciplines, which rely heavily upon a variety of weapons. The discipline is comprised of eight stances, all with separate purposes, that, when mastered, provide a near impenetrable guard and a near unstoppable offense. For twenty years, Jinsen trained, the old Kor shaping him into a weapon. Perfectly, he executed every maneuver, every step, every swing. Effortlessly, he was able to switch between the eight stances as necessity demanded.

But his real strength came from the old Kor's philosophical teachings.

"Do what is right," she would tell him, "and victory shall follow. Do what is wrong, and you will be defeated." What is right, she would go on to tell him, is for you to decided - but you must be sure.

When the Emperor known as Mairth began his long, bloody, war, the Weapon Masters were called on to defend the Kor. As a parting gift, the old, and now, dying, Kor woman gave Jinsen an exquisite blade, crafted by hands, she claimed, that came from outside this world.

Over the course of the war that spanned nearly two decades, Jinsen killed more people than he could have ever possibly counted. His name fell by the wayside, but his discipline, and the weapon he used, became legend. The Eightfold Lotus, they called him. The last master of that unbeatable discipline.

Then, after a particularly bloody - and one-sided - nighttime skirmish, he stared up at the moon, the blood sliding off his blade effortlessly, and realized, that he was wrong. He was fighting a war, not defending his people. He was becoming legendary for his lethality, not his valor. In that moment of perfect clarity and regret, he ascended.

For years since, he was wandered the Multiverse, staying true to what he was taught. He believes, firmly, that as long as one is in the right, one is undefeatable.

Personality and Appearance

Jinsen is a logical, empathetic man. He is patient, wise, and often given to long bouts of melancholy. He will never, under any circumstance, turn down someone who asks for his assistance. Nor will he leave the defenseless undefended.

Jinsen practices the Eightfold Lotus discipline daily, and his blade never leaves his side. He enjoys engaging in philosophical debate, drinking tea, and watching the stars at night. Though he can often find himself feeling unmistakably sad, he rarely dwells on the past, instead focusing on doing the most with what he has now.

Jinsen is completely bald and clean-shaven. He wears loose-fitting silk or cotton clothing, and is never without his sword. His eyes are the perfect black orbs of the adult Kor on his plane, although they were once yellow. He is tall, powerfully built, and seems ageless.


Besides being a Weapon Master of legendary skill, Jinsen has an innate, martial magic that he is aware of, but utilizes most unconsciously. He is capable of amazing feats of acrobatics, agility, speed, and strength on a whim, and rarely is he ever caught off-guard. His senses and reflexes are supernaturally acute. Additionally, he practices a rudimentary form of artifice that gives him extended control over weapons - either his own Katana or the weapons of others - and can use this control to ward blows away that would otherwise hit him. He is a peerless master of martial combat, and anyone interested in getting close to the Lotus would do well to remember the bite of his petals.


Jinsen, the Eightfold Lotus -
Planeswalker - Jinsen
[+1] - Attach any number of equipment to target creature. Put a +1/+1 counter on that creature.
[0] - Search your library for an equipment card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your library.
[-8] - Gain an emblem with "Equipped creatures you control gain indestructible."
5 Starting Loyalty

Ongoing Storyline

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After the events of The Eightfold Lotus Kimberley Talon and Jinsen have been traveling together.

Expansion Needed

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