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Name: Nephractanini, or Jade
Author: RavenoftheBlack
Classification: Jadestone Catfolk Planeswalker
Gender: Female
Public Available
Nephractanini, better known to the Multiverse as Jade, was a white tiger Catfolk Dreamcatcher who has been cursed to live in a body of jade.

Appears In

The Jaded Cat
Wiki Page for this story
PG Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack The Multiverse's most brilliant poet, Raiker Venn, tells the story of a tiger woman who feared the loss of her beauty so much that she would make any deal to preserve it.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
Body image issues

Breaking Form
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PG Author: Subject:
KeeperofManyNames and RavenoftheBlack Raleris the Lorekeeper receives a very unwelcome visit from the Gentleman Poet Raiker Venn, a visit that sends him after Jade, hoping to stop her from making a very big mistake.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
body image issues
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Promises, Promises
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G Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack Two lovers, locked worlds apart, can only find one another in their dreams. Can their dreams ever come true?
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
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Character Information

Nephractanini is a blue/green mage who specializes in dream magic, specifically the ability to enter the dreams of others and, to a degree, manipulate those dreams. She is principally a scholar, although she tends to be fairly narrowly focused in her studies, staying mostly within the realm of dream phenomena.

Physical Appearance

Nephractanini has the appearance of an adult female tiger Catfolk carved out of jadestone. Her jade appearance is a magically induced curse, so the stone behaves similarly to living tissue in that it is somewhat malleable, and allows Nephractanini to move and manipulate objects. Her movements are much slower and stiffer than when she was fur, flesh, and bone, and the stone often creaks and complains as she moves, but movement is not difficult for Jade. The stone seems to become far more pliable when Jade touches it with her paws, to the point where the jade fur has been known to bristle.

Powers and Abilities

Nephractanini was born into a family of "Dreamcatchers," Catfolk who were able to magically enter the dreams of others, and Nephractanini was and is particularly skilled in this ability. Jade accomplishes this Dreamwalking by putting herself into a sort of trance state, which through her training allows her to access a shared dreamspace through which she can enter individual dreams. While in the dream world, Jade's appearance is different from her real life one. Often, she looks as she did before her curse, like a white tiger Catfolk woman. She has been known to appear as an actual tiger, also, suggesting that she has some control over her appearance with in dreams.


Nephractanini was born on a forested island called Neira on an unknown plane to a tribe of tiger Catfolk known as the Sanvas. The Sanvas Catfolk were predominately orange and black, but Nephractanini was born a white tiger, which was viewed as a good omen and a considerable blessing. This good fortune, combined with her natural aptitude for her family's dreamcatching, brought her constant praise and attention throughout her life. She was considered exceedingly beautiful amongst her people, and her skills were highly sought after.

As Nephractanini aged, however, she began to fear the loss of the beauty that had won her so much praise her entire life. As time wore on and she saw the first signs of age descending upon her, she grew desperate. At this point, she met the human planeswalking poet Raiker Venn, and when he offered her a deal that would virtually prevent her from aging, she hastily accepted. Raiker, in his typical style, fulfilled his part of the bargain in tragic fashion, and transformed Nephractanini into a walking, talking statue of jadestone.

Her transformation, as well as the realization of what she had done and what had been done to her, caused her latent planeswalker spark to ignite. Eventually, Jade (as she began calling herself after realizing that most humans could not correctly pronounce Nephractanini) learned what it was to be a planeswalker, and began her relentless search for Raiker Venn, either to force him to undo his curse, or to punish him for his sins.