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Ilyria (Herald of the Mender; the Savior; the Accursed; Blazing Star; “Golden-eyes”)

♀ Human Planeswalker

Physical Description

Ilyria is human woman of average height. Her frame is slight, but she is strong of limb and core and would be easily marked for an athlete. Her skin is tan to olive in complexion. Her eyes are vivid golden in color. Her crimson hair is straight, flowing, and reaches below her hip. She often wears her hair in a tight braid.


Once, Ilyria was an active-driven do-gooder, who found the tip of the spear in any daring action to be the place where she felt alive. After a hundred years suffering her curse, she doesn’t really care about anything anymore, as evidenced by the indolence upon Azoria. Having been roused from that, Ilyria has regained her determination, but not her drive. She just keeps putting one foot in front of the other, because she can’t think of anything else to do.


Ilyria’s history is long and complicated. Her mortal life, now so many ages past that she scarcely remembers it in conscious thought, was as a woman of the well-to-do end of the middle class in some well-developed plane, amidst a collection of city-states ruled by lords who had but little power over the merchant princes. Her ascension came on what should have been the night of her wedding to the son of a wealthy merchant family. The local lord, who had not been invited to the wedding, arrived drunk and in a black rage at the insult and attempted to claim a “right” of dubious veracity, to be the first to have enjoyment of the bride. When her husband-to-be objected, the lord, more drunk than allowed him interest in saving face, ran him through, striking his heart and killing him instantly. The lord then attempted to have his way with Ilyria right there, but she pulled the sword from the body of her fiancée, where the lord had let it stay, and struck the noble’s head from his shoulders. The lord’s guards, who had hesitated when she took up the sword, no doubt due to the irregularity and dark nature of their master’s actions, waited no longer and shot her full of arrows in the name of their deceased employer. Somewhere in the grief, fear, rage, and pain, her Planeswalker Spark ignited.

As a Planeswalker, Ilyria fell in with the Dominia Cabal, and quickly entered the service of The Mender, whose high ideals of peace, freedom, and growth Ilyria greatly admired in those days. When war came to the Cabal, though, Ilyria found it suited her greatly, though it may well have grieved the Mender to see one of her disciples become such a willing soldier. Ilyria saw herself as a champion of the small and claims to have argued, at the beginning, for the Mender to break from both The Chamberlain and The Mentalist and form a third faction. She fought heavily on the front lines, though usually against lower operatives and not other planeswalkers, and despite this survived the brutal finale of the Cabal Civil War. She is the only known survivor to personally attest Loyalist affiliation, though Celesine and Thineaus, both commonly suspected as Loyalists, are well known to have survived at least the war, if not the modern day.

After the Cabal Civil War, Ilyria found that conflict was her purpose. She went from plane to plane, doing “good work” of leading the people in righteous uprising against oppressors. Many were the demons and planeswalkers she aided in the overthrow of, though she seemed to hold a special distaste for mortal despots that had been as successful. This was how she engaged herself from the Civil War until the Mending, for Dominia is infinite and therefore possessed of infinite wrongs to redress.

Ilyria clashed multiple times with the horror planeswalker Dantalion, and against him was never wholly successful, for while she could train peaceful villagers into armies to fight tyrants, and on her own match the fullness of their strength, she did not know how to deal with the secretive, subversive threat to peace and free will represented by Dantalion and his spawn and so could not ever be sure she had rooted them out, and indeed do the Spawn persist.

Eventually, her pursuit of Dantalion lead her to his schemes upon Ythol, and then Ilyria knew that she could not afford to fail again. She gathered up three other planeswalkers she had encountered when following Dantalion’s trail of terrors: Bar-Sagrum the Ogre Monk, Vyntiria the Biomancer (known also as the Horned Goddess), and Kala, once the Iron Doctor and a foe of Ilyria in the Cabal Civil War. Together, the four of them defeated Dantalion, but not in time for life upon Ythol. At this point, the matter of Dantalion’s fate came up.

Ilyria desired to kill Dantalion at once, and be done with him, but Bar-Sagrum, though perhaps the mightiest of the four in both magic and martial arts, believed with great conviction that it was never right to take a life, and moved instead that he should be charged with the imprisoning of the defeated Dantalion, while the other three hid the fragments of the Ythol Annulus. Ilyria called for a vote, but Vyntiria abstained and vanished with one of the Annulus fragments, leaving the matter entirely to Kala, who sided with Bar-Sagrum. Thus was it done.

In the Mending, Ilyria was of course fighting the “good fight” once more, on a plane ruled by a mighty demon lord. As her powers drained away, the demon lord’s forces gained the upper hand in the war, and with Ilyria too proud or devoted to flee, she was taken prisoner as the rebels she had backed were annihilated.

The Demon Lord tortured Ilyria, and when he learned somewhat of her history decided that death was too good for her, and cursed her instead. He laid dark magic into Ilyria, so ill luck and sorrow would always follow in her wake, and spells on her to ensure she could not die, and took for his prize her heart, ensuring that she would always rise again, the stolen heart acting as an anchor for Ilyria’s soul as long as he possessed it. This done, he turned her loose into the planes to sow her suffering.

After most of a century fighting or attempting to evade her curse, Ilyria lay herself down in the desolate plane of Azoria, to drift upon its endless waters for the eternity she was damned to. But scarcely two years later, Kala arrived and brought Ilyria into the new fight against Dantalion and the Ythol Annulus. After the events surrounding that, Ilyria realized she did not have it into her to return to hiding, and sorrowful and grasping for purpose she returned to the planes.


Ilyria revives instantly if slain, her body renewed to a basic level of health against hardship. If her body is annihilated, she revives in the domain of the Demon Lord that cursed her, somewhere near unto her heart.

Known Visited Planes

Ilyria has said to have been to the following planes:

Appears In

History's End

Phantoms of the Past