Huinn, Last of the Darkwings

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Huinn, Last of the Darkwings
Name: Huinn
Author: Barinellos
Classification: Aven Planeswalker
Gender: Male
Colors: W/B
Unknown Available
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Huinn is an Aven Planeswalker, a spy from the frozen plains of Kaldheim. The only thing darker than his plumage is his mind magic, which he uses to steal the secrets from all those who cross him.

Appears In

The War of the Wheel
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PG-13 Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack The fates of numerous planes are at stake as The Dual-Walkers unleash their wrath on the Multiverse, and it is up to a motley crew of planeswalkers to stop them... if they can.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
excessive violence, blackmail, survivor guilt, language
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Character Information

Huinn and his brothers shared a special bond, ever since their times in the rookery, they possessed a unique mind to mind connection. Given their talent, they were raised to serve as the king's Darkwings, elite spies and assassins. They rose to become the most feared and infamous legend in the king's service. There were no secrets from their eyes and none safe from their talons. They served their king loyally, eliminating any threat to his iron-fisted rule.

The barbarian warlords of the wastes eventually became more aggressive, and the brothers spent more time away from the castle of their liege. Their own proficiency would be their undoing though, as more and more of them were caught and killed it only strengthened the bonds of those that were left. Finally, only Huinn and Muinn were left, their minds deeply entangled with each other, making them more dangerous a pair than ever.

Their last assignment was nothing out of the ordinary, but Huinn would never see his brother again. Huinn was captured and his spark ignited at the moment of his execution, flinging him away from the cold winds of his home plane. When he returned, he found no physical trace of his brother. Even while in the Blind Eternities, though, he could feel the mind of his last brother, and desperately he began to search. When he returned to the castle, his lord told him his brother had not returned, but Huinn refused to believe it, even going so far as to kill the man he served his entire life in outrage and denial.

With no trace of his brother on Kaldheim, Huinn is now convinced that his brother wanders the planes, the voice in his head urging him on. The only question is, is the voice in his mind that he speaks to so often his long lost brother, or just the last delusion of a shattering mind being consumed by its own power?

Expansion Needed

Huinn isn't going to find his brother anytime soon if no one writes about him. If you have an idea for a story featuring Huinn, share it in the Expanded Multiverse forum.