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Name: Gruff
Author: Yxoque
Classification: Goblin Planeswalker
Gender: Male
Colors: Red
Public Available
This work needs more supplementary writing, art, or design!

Check #Expansion Needed to expand this part of the Multiverse.

Gruff is a goblin planeswalker. He is lost and could use a friend.

Character Information

Gruff is a simple goblin. He likes simple goblin things. Stealing a bit of food. Hitting small critters with his big stick to see what sound they make. Smashing shiny things with his big stick to see if they’ll break. But Gruff is also a lonely goblin. His tribe is gone. Maybe they were eaten, maybe they left him, maybe he left them. Gruff doesn’t know. One moment he was running away from something in the forest, the other he was running away from lots of things in a completely different kind of forest. Gruff has only one friend left: his big stick. The stick protects him, it helps him hunt. But the stick doesn’t talk, and that makes Gruff sad. Sometimes Gruff meets strange goblins, but they’re not the same as back home, so he keeps on looking. He often thinks he sees home, and he starts running, but he never has gotten home. Gruff is a simple goblin. He simply wants to go home. But he has no idea where home is.

Expansion Needed

Poor Gruff. No friends, no home, no stories. If you have an idea for a story about Gruff, post it in the forums.