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Fisco Vane
Fisco Portrait.png
Art by KeeperofManyNames
Name: Fisco Vane
Author: RuwinReborn
Classification: Human Planeswalker
Gender: Male
Public Available
Fisco Vane is an interplanar loan shark. Vane travels the multiverse making deals with those in need of fast and ready cash, but the prices are often steep, and Vane is quite comfortable collecting in whatever way he finds most convenient.

Appears In

Two Bullets and a Pocketful of Hate
Wiki Page for this story
PG-13 Author: Subject:
RuwinReborn Twenty years ago, Fisco Vane was robbed of something precious on the wild plane of Jakkard. Now he's been called back, and with two bullets to collect his due.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
some sexual content, discussed/implied sexual exploitation, violence, excessive feels
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Ol' Smokey Comes
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G Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack From the deepest of hells come the thundering drums/

In the night when the specter of Ol’ Smokey comes.

Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
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All In
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G Author: Subject:
RuwinReborn A ghost story told over a card game, out in the wastes of Jakkard.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
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Stars and Smoke
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PG Author: Subject:
RuwinReborn Aloise Hartley has a lot of questions, and she a coin that she thinks will provide the answers. But Fisco Vane doesn't do questions. He does solutions.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
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Deals and Devils
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RavenoftheBlack The Dual-Walkers are out for blood, but to catch their prey they need a Shark.
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How to Trade a Planeswalker
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PG Author: Subject:
RuwinReborn Daneera has been captured by Fisco Vane, and he has a lot of questions for her... questions about his ostensible employers, The Dual-Walkers.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
violence, kidnapping, forced mind reading
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A Cold Shoulder
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PG-13 Author: Subject:
Ruwin Fisco Vane has wealth and power but, like a shark, he can't stop moving... and he's very, very tired of moving.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
Mention of slavery depression, suicidal thoughts
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Friends and Killers
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PG-13 Author: Subject:
RuwinReborn and Orcish Librarian Aloise Hartley may have set herself a task beyond even her considerable abilities: mediating a conversation between Fisco Vane and Beryl, the Heart-Scarred, a conversation that will reveal secrets Beryl might not be ready to handle.
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A Moral Compass
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PG Author: Subject:
RuwinReborn Jackie DeCoeur is used to being a big fish in Jakkard's small pond. But when the Shark himself returns to the Waste, she's faced with a simple choice: either get on Fisco Vane's good side, or get swallowed whole.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
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Rest for the Wicked
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R Author: Subject:
RuwinReborn & OrcishLibrarian Fisco Vane must pull Jackie DeCoeur back from the moral abyss lest she lose her soul -- and lest he lose even more.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
Violence, torture, suicide, feels
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Paid in Full
Wiki Page for this story
G Author: Subject:
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R

Character Information

Physical Description

Fisco is not a particularly attractive individual. He tends to stick to the shadows and prefers to make deals when those he is dealing with cannot fully see his face. He keeps his oily black hair short and close to his head. He has large ears, which he used to be sensitive about when he was younger, and round facial features. His front teeth feature a noticeble, if not large, gap.

He dresses in whatever attire fits the plane where his negotion takes place, but favors browns, grays, and black. He is rarely seen without smoking a cigar and even more seldomly seen without one entirely. His breath usually smells terrible. His eyes are the muted gray of a burnt out cigar, and lay beneath a brow almost permenantly relaxed in a welcoming manner.


Fisco is in no hurry, even when his life is in immediate peril. He cannot be rushed, and he most certainly will not be rushed. He believes the only thing waiting for him is death, and he is not particularly interested in meeting it any time soon.

He is slow to anger, but when he is angered, the results are usually fatal for the target of his ire. The easiest way to make Fisco mad is to default on your debt; although Fisco is not unforgiving. Really, if someone is suitably contrite/afraid for their life, he usually works out a new deal with them. It's the ones who believe they can snuff him without consequence that get killed.

Fisco is, however, a very melancholy person. He has no close friends and no family, and so spends the vast majority of his time solely in his own company. It can be speculated that he really loans all of this money to have a reason to interact with others, and it can be further speculated that, despite his reputation and surly nature, he is not an entirely bad man. It is, however, completely out of line for this character to form an emotional attachment of any kind with anyone else. He's been burned too often, and his trust issues run more deeply than just anyone can heal.

It can be said that he is not beyond redemption.


Fisco was born on an unremarkable plane to unremarkable parents. He was poor and he knew it. Not being able to provide for some of the family's most basic needs is something that constantly aggravated Fisco's father, and Fisco picked up on the frustration and carried it with him into his teenage years. He had two brothers and one sister. One of his brothers died when he was four to sickness.

Fisco was a driven boy, and this eventually led him to kill a man who had repeatedly disrespected him. This was premeditated and cold, and when he was caught later, after stashing the loot, he was put on trial and subsequently given a life sentence. This saved his life from the thugs that his victim ran with, but when the thugs could not find the money or get to Fisco, they turned on his family. Only his sister survived, and he lost contact with her completely.

Fisco was not much better in prison. Eventually, his bad attitude got him on the wrong side of the wrong people, and he was stabbed in his bunk in the middle of the night. The struggle ignited his spark, and he awoke, his wound fully healed, on... another unremarkable plane. He tested his newfound power, returned to his homeplane to exact vengeance upon those who had wronged him, and then left, never to return.

This was twenty years before the mending, which he had no active part in.

Favored Spells

Ambition's Cost,

Archdemon of Greed,

Bala Ged Thief,

Barter in Blood,

Bloodgift Demon,

Boon Reflection,



Corrupt Court Official,


Dash Hopes,

Royal Assassin,


Destroy the Evidence,

Due Respect,


Even the Odds,

Eye for an Eye,

Gift of Estates,


Highway Robber,

Increasing Ambition,


Mana Tithe,


One Thousand Lashes,

Painful Quandary,

Prison Term,

Promise of Power

Narrative Introduction

I stepped out of my 'walk and into the cold. The chill was stale like the air, though, and my body became accustomed to it rapidly. I shoved my hands into the pockets of my coat anyway. I glanced around, pointedly ignoring the dagger-faced woman dressed in furs in front of me. The walls were of unworked stone, and covered in ice. There did not appear to be any way in or out, and I felt a slow smirk creep on to my face. This place was meant to be intimidating. A lot of people went fishing for the shark, though.

It wasn't very hard to find the bait, after all.

A coin lay on the floor in front of me. A hole was punched through the middle and a little magical flame danced in the center of it. When someone lit the fire, it let me know I was being called on for an appointment. I often kept them waiting. This specific woman had been lighting it for almost a week now. This was my little calling card. Cute, specific, innocuous. Makes my clients feel at ease. Helps to weed out truly desperate individuals, too. I pick up the coin gingerly and balance it in one palm, and finally decide to address the woman.

"Ever seen a cigar?" I ask casually. Her face remains sharp and impassive, and her reply indicates she wants to get down to business.

"I am told you are a man who knows how to get things." She says. I snort, pulling the aforementioned cigar out of my pocket. I bite off the end and spit it on the ground. Her nostril flares in disgust.

"What a corny line." I light the stogie with the flame from the coin. "This comes from a place call Fyurlien. Run by elves. Nuts about nature." I take a puff, blow the smoke into the air. It floats there in front of my face and barely moves. "They grow all sorts of herbs. You know. For recreation." I shake the coin and the fire goes about, then I stick it in my pocket. Her mouth tightens, but confusion flicks across her eyes.

"Elves?" She ventures cagily. I chuckle, and shrug.

"Nevermind." I take another drag. "What's your name, doll?"

"I thought you were in the business of anonymity." She accuses.

"Nah, I'm just in business." Puff. Blow. "You don't have to tell me. Like I give a hairless thoctar's rump either way." I shake a little bit of ash off my cigar. "I'll introduce myself, though. You got my coin, so you know my trade. You lit it up, so you want my business." I nod my head. "The name's...

Fisco Vane - BW Planeswalker - Vane 2 Starting Loyalty

"And I'm sure I've got a deal for you." I grin and stick the cigar in my mouth. By now I've built up quite the head of smoke. I can see the smell is bothering her. Must be an ice mage. Those furs and the decor sort of tipped it off, too.

"I need money." She admitted after a pause long enough to make my cheeks hurt.

"Don't we all." I mention. "Nothings free, though. I'm sure you've been informed of my service fee?" She grimaces, but sure enough, produces a pouch of gold coin and tosses it at me. I catch it lightly and shove it into the same pocket as the coin. "First rule of business, doll: Get paid up front."

When Fisco Vane enters the battlefield, you lose 4 life.

"Now. How much are we talking here?" I balance the cigar between my index and middle finger, poking it in the air as I speak. "You want a house? Maybe some clothes? Just food? Got a family?" I shake my head. Her eyes narrow as the smoke swirls around from the movement. "No, you got bigger plans. What am I funding here?"

"I'd rather not say." She tells me. So coy; she's just playing hard to get, I know, but she's already on the hook and I've got the patience of a Sea Gate fisherman. So I shrug. Again.

"How much then?"

"Ten thousand bonds." She states flatly. My whistle is low and nearly indistinct. I run the numbers in my head. It's an absurd amount of coin of the local currency. More than she would ever need to live comfortably.

"An army, then." I note offhand. Her mouth twitches and I know I've hit the mark. Puff. Blow. I let the silence hang for a moment like the smoke. "I can do that." I tell her finally. "But first, I need to know who gave you my coin."

"Why?" She asks, folding her arms. So defiant. I can see why she would want an army. Strong will like that could get a lot done with muscle behind her. Here she is, dealing with an unknown entity from demon's know where, and she's demanding answers from him.

"I need to repay them." I tell her. "They give me business, I give the money. Second rule of business, doll: Be generous."

+2: Each Player gains 3 life.

"Stop calling me that." She orders me. I note her irritation but don't respond immediately, blowing some smoke instead. I can see this habit of mine bothers her as well. Gets under her skin. I've practically got a wreath of smoke around me at this point. "It was Dante Grecko." She tells me finally. I nod knowingly.

"Good old Dante." I remark, remembering the fat codger. "Should've known."

"How soon can you get the money to me?" She demands. I shake my cigar again, watching her blankly. Then I snap my fingers.

The spell summons the coin to me from my personal vaults offplane. Convenient thing about bartering with people who can't walk: It's really difficult for them to steal from you. It appears around me in four iron bound chests that reach my waist. Her eyes widen slightly, and then her healthy suspicion returns. I place my hand on the first chest, patting it appreciatively.

"Soon." I tell her, silmultaneously casting the spell that will transform the coin into a currency she will recognize. I step over to the next chest, and the smoke follows me. I pat each chest affectionately in turn, changing the coin. "Ten thousand bonds." I say.

"This had better not be some trick." She warns me, stepping forward rather threateningly. It's cute, really. She shouldn't have her hair pulled back like that. Takes away from the charm. I kick open the chest. The gold glitters.

"Not at all. Get it checked yourself. Run it to a teller." Puff. Blow. "It'll check out." She walks forward, and past me, grabbing a handful of the coin. She drops it back into the chest, listening to it chime and feeling the weight.

"Fine." She relents, but I can tell she's not happy about it. "And, what are your terms?" She says this stiffly, but at least she's willing to discuss it. I roll one shoulder.

"Well, you pay me back." I say. "I calculate the interest myelf. Nothing too big. Five percent for every one of your years." I wink at her, and catch another flare of disgust. "Third rule of business... toots: Always get more than you give."

-2: You gain an emblem with Extort.

"And that's it." She says to me. "You walk away, and assume I'm going to pay it all back someday?" She eyes me. There's that fire again. "And what if I don't?" I take a drag from the cigar, starting to run low. This time, I blow the smoke right into her face. She barely flinches. Barely.

"Then I kill you." I lay it out for her, because I can see her wheels turning. "Oh, sorry, not a good enough threat? Alright. How about your little man, you know, the kid. He doesn't need legs, right? Walking's overrated." I step in, breathing smoke from my nose. "Or that hometown of yours. Still struggling from that "imperial aid", am I right? Easy to burn to the ground." Now I got her, the fire burns away, and I see the ice of fear. I reel her in. "Or your country. I tip off your emperor, and you're done, Alicia. You get the cross, then the spear, then get facedown in the mud. You can't start a rebellion while dead, doll." I'm looming over her, and she's visibly shocked. I back off, throw the cigar on ther ground, and stomp it out. "And you can't start a rebellion without an army." I sit on top of one of the chests.

"How-" She's shaken. I need to keep her that way.

"I do my research, doll." I tell her. "I've been at this a long time. I've been burned and burned others more times than I can count." I gesture to the gold. "This is nothing to me. I've got this a thousandfold." My gaze levels, and the smoke around me starts to disperse. "I'm giving you a good deal, don't you back out on me." She swallows.

"What if I can't. Can't pay you back." She murmurs. I reach into my pocket, and pull out the punched coin.

"We'll work something out, I'm sure." I toss the coin at her feet. "Keep that, in case you need me." She stooped to pick it up, and I took one more look around the cave before turning back to her. "Fourth rule of business, doll: Make them an offer they can't refuse." And I 'walk off.

-8: Each opponent loses life equal to the number of permanents that player controls. You gain life equal to the life lost this way.

As I return to my mansion in Dominaria, I check the soundness of the spell I cast. Every minute she had been breathing in my smoke, the mana had been soaking her body as well. I'd be able to keep tabs on her for a long time to come with a tracking spell like that.

I hefted the pouch she had given me, and tossed it to some old beggar as I walked through the crowded streets towards my manor. The money was important, but I had accomplished something even bigger here today.

I had put the future empress of a plane into my pocket, and the thought made me grin.

Q&A with Fisco

(Note: this Q&A originally ran on the Wizards Community Forums. It may not be as strictly canonical as the other parts of this page.)

From Catowner: Hey Fisco, do you regret that your immortality prevents you from being on the ghost council?

The what council? Oh, those boogeymen from Ravnica. Look, I can't get a line down on that plane because of the Orzhov. They keep the money business there locked up tighter than the Helvault. 'Course, that's not really an apt metaphor anymore.

Point is, I don't deal with the Orzhov, and they don't have to deal with me.

Ghosts give me the willies, though. What do they even do with all that money?

From KeeperofManyNames: And what DO you do with all that money, Mr Vane? Where does it all go?

Depends. I'm a whimsical guy, you could say. Plenty depends on my mood. I want someplace sunny? Lorwyn. As long as Oona wasn't up to her tricks. The elves know how to have a good time, and I'm enough of a curiosity that they don't just kill me. 'Course, that's not one of my more expensive vacations.

Shadowmoor's a drag.

I fund a few projects on Dominaria. Gonna keep that classified, though, you know how that is. I've got a mansion there to. Big place. Fancy. I'm almost never there, but I keep it furnished to attract any enterprising thieves. If they can survive my more deadly traps, they're usually worth hiring. Gotta keep my hand in, you know.

I've got a deal with some Stensian Vampires if I'm ever feeling... Moody. That's expensive, though. Turns out all this cigar smoke makes my blood fragrant.

Mostly, though, my money goes towards making more money. Business is what I love best. And fishing.

I like fishing.

From Willhman: Excuse me Mr. Vane but do you have any enemies that we should be watching for?

Enemies? Yea, kid. I got enemies. Most of them are planebound, though, and only a couple know I can actually 'walk. Or what that means. I'm a non-confrtonational guy, though. Most of them are just out for revenge anyway. Petty, really. Miss a payment, lose a limb. Not really a big deal, but no, everyone's gotta take it personally.

It's just business.

As for whether or not you should look out for them, there's no need. Thanks for the sentiment, kid, but I can watch my own back.

Dragons, though. Don't ever make a deal with dragons.

From 327: Have you ever worked with or for other planeswalkers? Are there any you consider allies...or rivals?

Other 'walkers are my biggest source of income. For a bunch of transplanar tourists, they sure are bad with their money. 'Course, tourists are bad with money in general, because they're, you know. Tourists. I have business arrangements with other 'walkers all the time, though mostly small-time stuff. 'Walkers are harder to keep track of. Gold for a favor. Maybe I need someone offed, maybe I need something stolen. Depends on the 'walker. Sometimes it's just a loan.

Met this 'walker recently, actually. This guy was a piece of work. Red skin, horns. Tibalt or something like that. Totally nuts. Said he needed some cash for, what, materials? He's spilling indrik leavings out of his mouth, but like I care what he spends the money on. I forward him the cash and tell him I'll be in contact. He's so giddy he doesn't even notice the tracker I put on him.

Devil mages. I swear. I should probably go collect from him.

From Eyehunter: How are your parents? Any other family? Or Romance? Do you get homesick, wanderering the planes?

My parents are dead. So's the rest of my family. Been that way for a long time, and now that I don't live forever, I suppose I'll follow after them one day.

If I ever went back to where I'm from, I'd have some sort of family I could track down. A lot of my sister's descendants. But that's too much work for people who won't know who I am anyway, and who, frankly, are better off not getting involved with the Shark.

Nah, let them live their little lives. There's nothing for me there.

One thing I got to say about romance is this, kid: A broad is the fastest and most enjoyable way to empty your pocket.

I got too many homes to be homesick, though. Although sometimes I do get sick of all of my homes and stay somewhere else for a while instead. Ever been to Culcuduu? Probably not. The fishing is great. The entire plane is like this beachside resort.

Except for all the whirlpools. And krakens. But I mostly stay inland.

From Dr. Demento: How often do people ask you for things you cannot or will not provide, and what are the most unorthodox payment methods you've used?

Oh, this has only happened a handful of times. People don't always know what they're asking for. Sometimes they don't even know why they're asking. I'm all for letting a bunch of coffin stuffers get themselves killed with my gold; makes it easier to get back, and I get to take whatever else they had on them. Turning people down is bad business, after all. But I have my own morals.

Firstly, I've got people paying me to stay out of their turf, and off their backs. Fair's fair. I keep out. I really need to get the Orzhov in on this but the ghosties won't sign a contract without some sort of soul magic coming into play. Lousy Ravnicans.

Secondly, I do barter in materials. I'm not an unnaccomplished thief myself, and I have connections. You need something? I can get it, as long as it doesn't violate rule one above. Or you know, I just don't want to. I'm a fickle guy.

Thirdly, I'm not stupid. I do research. I'm not going after cursed artifacts or letting you set me up for a big payday. I'm loaded; I don't need your stinking gold. I'm doing this for you, and for profitable engagements in the future.

As for unorthodox payment methods, I trade in goblins more often than I thought I ever would. For how stupid they are, you'd be surprised the kind of uses they can be put to. They're easy to enslave, too. Cheap.

I had a merfolk offer me whale blubber once.

But yea, I mostly trade in gold. Surprisingly useful commodity, that.

From Willhman: Where do you get all your money? Were you born rich? Or did you find a plane that is made out of pure gold? Or did you just create this gold and such?

Now here's a story.

I wasn't born rich. Quite the opposite, really. I'll spare you the sob story. Suffice it to say, I hated being poor. I killed a man and took his money. Yea, that was stupid of me, but I was young. You can't just kill someone and take their money. That makes you a thug. A bandit. Then you have the authorities and other criminals breathing down your neck. Whole downward spiral thing going on.

My spark went off when I got stabbed in prison. So here I was, barely more than a boy, given godlike powers and freedom to do whatever I wanted. So yea, I made a lot of gold.

I made a lot of gold.

See. I have this little plane. It's about the size of Ravnica's tenth district. It's so small it mostly just maintains itself and stays out off view. Anyway, this plane has the entirety of my wealth in it. This is my Vault. I made more and stored more gold in this place than I can count, or even see from one spot.

The problem is, after all the commotion on Dominaria, I'm suddenly left without all my power. My Vault starts shrinking. Coins fall into the blind eternities. My wealth is starting to vanish, and all I can do is move it around. I can't make any more gold, though. Not without the powers I had before. I'm a mediocre mage at best, after all.

This is when I got into loaning.

I just need people to hold on to my money for a while.

From Terti: Know of any other good fishing spots?:P

Zendikar is full of excellent spots. You've got adventurers lined up and needing funds. 'Course, that was before those, uh... Things showed up. Plane's on it's way out.

Merrows can always use coin on Lorwyn. Merfolk in general make for good catches, being fish people and all. Something about the way gold shines, I guess.

Dominaria. Don't really have to elaborate.

Frysyllon, Morthe, Elseton, Vaar, and Rabiah make for good fishing too.

From Dr. Demento: Do you have any associates to help you run your operation? When is the last time someone successfully pulled a fast one on you? When is the last time someone pulled a fast one on you and managed to escape for good? Do you use scrying to help determine the success of your business transactions? Have you met any inter-planar competition?

No, I don't have any associates. Not in that sense. I do all the loaning myself. I have hundreds of planebound contacts and, ah, employees. You know, to keep their ears open. They know how to contact me.

I'm an old guy. I've been around. You try to trick me, and I have you killed. Chances are, if you're throwing in your lot with the Shark, you aren't too bright anyway. The smart ones, though, they're the easiest to handle. You just put a very real fear into them. Most everyone's afraid of sharks, you know.

Since I mostly deal with planebound individuals, they don't really know what they're getting into anyway.

I was never so good at scrying. I work inside the honor system a great deal, which surprises me sometimes. Funny how honest people can be when you threaten to kill them.

As for competition, nah. It's not really a market, you know?

From 327: What's biggest deal you've ever negotiated? The greatest windfall you've ever happened upon?

Well, besides all the gold I cranked out when I was some kind of demi-god? I got to tell you, most of my deals are piecemeal. Well. From my view. Never ceases to amaze me the look on some people's faces when I set them up for life. What, you never seen gold before?

Anyway, my biggest deal was with a demon.

Now see, this is where it gets tricky. Demons have this uncanny knack for knowing things they shouldn't. You think you got secrets, and then bam, you're getting blackmailed by some batty pitspawn from the eternal hell of so-and-so. When dealing with demons in any sense, but especially in a business sense, it is important to play with your cards face up. Demons thrive on things like deceit. They also always know I'm a 'walker. What's up with that?

As I was saying though, this demon wanted gold. Something about tempting mortals into sin with wordly wealth.

Like I've said before. I don't give half a kithkin's left shoe what you do with my money.

So this demon says to me, if you give me gold, I can give you immortality. I tell him no thanks, he can keep his eternal life. So he sort of blinks at me. I think that's what he gets from other 'walkers nowadays, since we lost all that godhoodness. They're all throwing a fit about dying. Next, this ripe piece of black mana incarnate tells me he can fulfill any of my desire. Like I can't do that myself. I turn him down again, tell him he's a chump. I get some full blown demonic wrath, he spreads his wings, starts cursing and blah, blah, blah.

I tell him, look.

I've already got you. You know who I am, and why I'm here. You need my money, and you'll have it. I see what you're doing. You want a powerful 'walker under your thumb, so you're trying to get me to, what, buy immortality with some coins? Like that's even fair. Like you don't have something planned. I'm not making any oversights here. So let me cut to the chase. You get all the coin you'll ever need, and in return, you do what I say.

For the rest of your miserable existence.

He protests, threatens to start killing things. I let him rage it out, and then tell him that I'd already won the moment he contacted me. This hits a sore spot; this demon isn't stupid. Sure, he can just leave the gold and me. But he's a demon. Greedy, ambitious. Him walking away isn't going to happen. He takes the offer. I give him enough gold to upset the economy of a plane.

So yea, that's how I got my first, and most powerful, demon.

From Catowner: Hey Fisco, what do you want?

I mean, you already have more gold than you'll ever need, magical powers, your own plane, and the ability to planeswalk. So what makes you do what you do? What are you trying to get?

That's a good question, kid. I'm not sure I know anymore. Used to be I just wanted to live it up. All this power I had. I wanted to lord it over people. Show them I meant business, that I couldn't be pushed around.

Well, now I've got demons working for me, crime rings on dozens of planes, more gold than I can ever rightly use...

Maybe I really just want to give it all away. Maybe I don't really want any of this. Maybe I hate seeing people with ambition in poverty. I've never been one for introspection, but I'll let you in on a little secret.

I'm not exactly making money with this fishing business.


Fisco Portrait.png


NOTE: Ongoing Storyline sections contain spoilers for M:EM and/or Canon works! Proceed at your own risk! View the #Appears In section to read the relevant works without getting spoiled.

After the events of Paid in Full, Ficso's economic empire has broken down. If any of his coins still exist, the enchantments within them no longer work. Fisco himself has suffered a stroke, with the symptoms associated with that affecting him. His age is starting to catch up to him, his hair quickly graying. It remains to be seen what Fisco will do from here on.