Ellia the Endbringer

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Ellia the Endbringer
Name: Ellia
Author: Tevish Szat
Classification: Planeswalker
Gender: Female
Public Available
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Ellia is a pre-mending Planeswalker of the Expanded Multiverse. She is powerful and generally destructive. She has been around for a long time and is responsible for planar-level catastrophes

Appears In

The Crooked House
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PG-13 Author: Subject:
Tevish Szat The inbred members of the House of Yso are proud pureblood humans, but Jacob Yso has fallen for a lovely stranger with nonhuman blood, and he won't let the crooked patriarch of his crooked house stand in the way of his love...
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
violence, incest
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The Planeswalker's Daughter
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TevishSzat Once there was a brilliant Planeswalker who wanted nothing more than for her daughter to be a planeswalker, too...
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Abuse, body horror
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[ Wind and Void]
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G Author: Subject:
Tevish Szat Halea was nothing more than a common girl of the High Bluffs, until her magic was discovered. However small her talent, it forced her to find her place in the capitol, striving to be someone next to peers of higher birth. But Halea's true place may be much, much farther from home...
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[ A Wedding on Aralheim]
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Tevish Szat It is the wedding of Illarion Vale and Marina Ells! Invitations make their way throughout the multiverse, but some uninvited figures have an interest in the ceremony, and no compunctions about disrupting a Planeswalker's special day...
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
Mild Violence
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Character Information


Ellia survives to the modern day by stealing organs and tissues from others. Only her skull, brain, and spinal cord belong to her original body; the rest of her has been stolen and replaced time and again. Naturally, this means she can look radically different from one encounter to the next. Based on her frame and proclivities, however, the following facts about her appearance are true: she is always female between 5'6" and 5'10" tall. She prefers to look youthful, with smooth skin, fresh eyes, and a workable, but not bulging or overly toned musculature. She also prefers to look both beautiful and striking, and will generally pick both attractive and notable figures. She prefers to prey on (and thus look like) humans and elves, but will sometimes incorporate stranger components, such as a Kor's skin or catfolk eyes if she thinks they will improve her appearance (or give her some asset without detracting). Because of her composite, rather than body-stealing nature, she can never take on another person's appearance, and because of her skull's immutability, she will always have a few similar traits: high but small cheekbones, a longish, narrow face, and a tall brow; in general, an "aristocratic" or in some ways elven look.


Ellia's history is long. A trail of broken bodies, broken families, ruined nations, and ruined worlds have been left in her wake. More details will not really be added here, as part of the point of Ellia is that she can be used for "Planeswalker did it" shenanigans whenever necessary.


Ellia is a total sociopath, and likes to think of herself as a scientist. She believes that to truly understand something, you have to break it down, destroy it utterly and examine its component parts. Only in knowing how something breaks and fails does Ellia think it is possible to really know the thing. In her scientific endeavors, she has become a master in her own way of planar mechanics, sociology, psychology, biology, chemistry, and physics both arcane and mundane. She has torn people, cultures, and planes apart for no other reason than her own curiosity, and while she has at times healed or repair, it was never out of altruism, it was just to prove that she could. Ellia cares about only one thing, and that is Ellia.