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Name: Fydorian Donagut
Author: RavenoftheBlack
Classification: Houndsfolk Planeswalker / Detector
Gender: Male
Public Available
Donagut is a dogged Detector and a Noir alcoholic.

Appears In

Eye for an Eye
Wiki Page for this story
R Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack A killer is on the loose in the Great City on Nuwar, and if Donagut can't uncover the secret, it could mean war.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
violence, body horror, implied violence to a child, implied sexual assault, violence to cute little animals, drinking, Noir humor...

Eternal Eclipse
Wiki Page for this story
PG-13 Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack When the body of a woman who shouldn't even exist turns up on Nuwar, Donagut is called in to solve the crime. But there is far more going on than just another murder in the Great City.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
murder, martial arts violence, dark noir humor
Read This First: Eye for an Eye

Physical Description

Donagut is a male houndfolk. He is lean and tall, a bit over six foot. As a houndfolk, he is covered in fur, in his case a dark gray, short-haired fur. At one time, he was in impeccable physical condition, although his shape has faltered a little in recent years. His head resembles that of a greyhound, although his snout is much less pronounced and more flat. He has a tail, which he usually tailors his trousers to accommodate.


Donagut is on the side of law, order and justice, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want to make a living protecting it. He is cynical and detached, with a dry sense of humor and a willingness to comment on nearly anything, regardless of the appropriateness of the circumstance. He also usually turns to alcohol to lull him into a stupor to avoid some of the harsher realities of life. Still, when he is working on a case, he stays focused, though no less irreverent. He hates his first name, and almost never goes by it. Also, he has a tendency to talk to himself.


Donagut was born on the plane of Dinaska, a plane of limited space and large, cramped cities. Houndfolk on Dinaska are third-class citizens on a second-class plane, and life wasn't easy while Donagut was growing up. What little money his family managed to scrape together, his father would typically drink away. Finally, at a young age, Donagut left home.

Eventually, Donagut met a human businessman who offered him an indentured servitude in the Pits. The cities of Dinaska were notorious for their barely-legal pitfighting rings, and the houndfolk were the most common combatants because of their extremely poor place in society in general. The wealthy often owned stables of fighters, called Litters, who fought throughout the Pits in the cities. These Litters were made up of indentured servants, debtors, injured veterans and the occasional willing lifer. The highest earner of a Litter was known as the Pick, and was the most popular or most feared of a Litter's combatants.

Fights in the Pits were rarely fought to the death. It was generally considered bad for business. However, the occasional deathmatch brought in considerable money, and the laws of Dinaska overlooked murders in the Pits. Donagut fought for three years in his litter before he ever won a fight. He was, at first, thought of as simply a warm-up act, as watching him get pummeled seemed to be a thrill for the fans, and he eventually gained popularity despite his incredibly poor record. All the while, Donagut continued to grow and train. On the day he won his first fight, the Pick of his Litter was killed in a deathmatch with a rival Litter. Owing to Donagut's first win and his pre-existing popularity, Donagut became Pick of the Litter.

Becoming Pick of the Litter gave Donagut a major boost in confidence, and he began winning fights regularly, though he typically had to take quite a beating to do so. Meanwhile, the rival Litter continued to kill members of Donagut's Litter, occasionally even in non-deathmatches. Donagut began to realize that there was more going on here than what was meeting the eye, and he asked the owner of his Litter about it. The owner didn't answer, and instead booked Donagut into a deathmatch with two of the other Litter's combatants. Luck was on Donagut's side, and he was able to knock one unconscious. When he did, the Pick of that Litter jumped into the Pit, and nearly killed Donagut, who was only saved when his Spark ignited.

When Donagut woke up, he was in a strange temple on a strange plane. The temple was tended by an order of four-armed Vedalken warrior-monks, all of which was completely foreign to the hound. As Donagut convalesced, the monks began teaching him. They knew about planeswalkers, and even had a library in their Temple that had been written by one. Although Donagut was eager to return to Dinaska, he agreed to stay with the Vedalkens, who trained him in one of their martial arts styles, a style called the Broken Bone, which was the only style they had specifically designed to use only two arms. Although it was difficult at first, Donagut eventually mastered the form, and returned to Dinaska.

Once there, Donagut discovered that his Litter had been killed off completely. As he began to investigate, he eventually discovered that the owner of his Litter had been working secretly with the owner of the other, rigging the fights to give the most advantage to the other Litter and gouge the spectators. And while the law mostly overlooked the fighting in the Pits, it still took the betting very seriously. Donagut was eventually able to infiltrate the Pits once again, and helped the authorities break the ring completely. From that point on, Donagut turned to a life of private investigation.


Donagut is not a powerful mage, by any stretch of the imagination. He is a very capable hand-to-hand combatant, owing to his life in the Pits and his mastery of the Broken Bone style. What little magic he has developed has come from his work as a Detector. He has magic that heightens his senses and his perception, as well as his intuition. Donagut as a latent precognitive ability, but it occurs only rarely, usually in dreams, and is completely beyond his control. Although it is something he is not proud of, he also has an unbelievable affinity for paperwork, and he's been known to track down relevant documents about a case, even from other planes.


Donagut's sexuality is currently unknown, although he very likely prefers doggie style...

Additional Notes

Donagut is capable of literally shifting through and summoning paperwork from across the planes. This seems to take some concentration, as he needs to meditate in order to properly attune himself to the documents for which he is searching.