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Name: Daneera
Author: RavenoftheBlack
Classification: Human Planeswalker
Gender: Female
Public Available
Daneera is a forest mage and summoner who takes it upon herself to protect the forest and its denizens.

Appears In

Planes of the Dual-Walkers
Wiki Page for this story
PG Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack Daneera, injured in battle, crash lands on a series of planes known as The Wheel, drawing the attention of its rulers.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R

How to Trade a Planeswalker
Wiki Page for this story
PG Author: Subject:
RuwinReborn Daneera has been captured by Fisco Vane, and he has a lot of questions for her... questions about his ostensible employers, The Dual-Walkers.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
violence, kidnapping, forced mind reading
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Consider Reading This First: {{{recommended}}}

The War of the Wheel
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PG-13 Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack The fates of numerous planes are at stake as The Dual-Walkers unleash their wrath on the Multiverse, and it is up to a motley crew of planeswalkers to stop them... if they can.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
excessive violence, blackmail, survivor guilt, language
Read This First: The Fallen Pharaoh; Planes of the Dual-Walkers; Dead Man ‘Walking; Deals and Devils; How to Trade a Planeswalker; The Cruel Finale; Tears of the Djinn; Kiss of the Shorecerers
Consider Reading This First: Lukas Harran; Huinn, Last of the Darkwings

Wiki Page for this story
PG-13 Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack Daneera, the planeswalking huntress, goes on the hunt for a different sort of game.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
sexual themes

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PG-13 Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack Something strange is happening in the Bladǎri Forest, and Daneera is right in the middle of it. Can she find out what it is and stop it before it costs her everything dear to her?
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
violence to and from animals, mind control
Read This First: "Instinct"

Character Information

Daneera is a green-aligned planeswalker with a fierce love of nature, and forests in particular. She is primarily a summoner, and befriends forest creatures that she then summons to her aid in combat. Daneera considers herself a protector of the natural order.

Physical Appearance

Daneera is a human woman of average height, perhaps five foot six, with a slim but athletic build. She is strong for her size and very quick, with arms and legs toned through years of constant forest living. She has light brown eyes and dark brown hair, which is brushed only rarely. Her features are pleasant but sharp, and she can often appear harsh, although her disposition is usually positive.

Powers and Abilities

Daneera's primary power lies in her summoning. She is a talented and reasonably powerful summoner, and tends to prefer larger, apex predators as her allies. Daneera has a innate ability to connect on an emotional level with animals, and Daneera will always befriend a creature before using it in battle. She refuses to force a creature into fighting for her.

Daneera is also known to use enchantments to boost her physical abilities such as strength, speed and dexterity. Although she prefers to use creatures in battle, she will, when the situation demands it, enhance herself mystically and fight one on one with her long knife. She is an adept physical combatant and can hold her own in melee combat, particularly when enchanted.


Daneera was born to a dying plane, one where nature had long since been buried beneath cold, unfeeling stone streets and houses. She grew up loving the idea of forests, a mythical concept to her cold, dead world. All her life, Daneera dreamt of being immersed in a genuine, natural wood, and when her spark finally ignited, she found her dream realized. She fell in love with nature and its forces immediately, and strove to master life in the forests.

Eventually, Daneera found her way to the forest plane of Arbagoth, and the Endless Green became a new home for the fledgling planeswalker. She took to spending weeks or even months at a time in the various forests of the Multiverse, perfecting her skills at hunting and survival and befriending the denizens of the wild. She would occasionally sell her services to aid those trying to protect the forests, or going freelance against those who wished to destroy it.