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Name: Clade
Author: Ruwin Reborn
Classification: Troll Planeswalker
Gender: Male
Public Available
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Clade is an ancient and powerful troll who leaves in his wake, as he wanders the planes, a trail of civilizations wrecked and replaced with vast trees.

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Character Information


Little is known about the troll planeswalker who calls himself Clade. Not his age, not his origin, not much at all. He is an ancient being, that is certain, and he comes from a race of trolls now long extinct. Wherever he is from, however, is moot compared to where he has been.

There are tales across the multiverse of great calamity - earthquakes and the like - that shatter civilizations and leave them in the wreckage of their glory. Some of these tales have nothing to do with Clade, but many of them do. He seeks the "weak centers of power" and removes them, in favor of a sprawling, natural habitat of trees, vines, and predators. The removal is forceful and involuntary. Many are killed in his calamities, though if this weighs upon Clade's consciousness, he does not show it. Always, there is a singular, impossibly large tree in the center of these forests. Many civilizations have rebuilt around this tree, though if they become too "weak" in the eyes of Clade, it is not unlikely that he will return to "put them upon the correct path" once more.

What purpose this serves is known to none but him, and he confides in no one. Often, he chooses a single person - often a child - to selectively survive his calamities, because he sees something in them that they do not. Great leadership. Courage. Magical aptitude - the reasons are varied. How he knows these things is unknown, but he has yet to be wrong.

While most of the civilizations he destroys recover in time, it is a slow process. Many of the civilizations that Clade has shattered now thrive in even greater glory than they had enjoyed previously. Whether the inhabitants of these civilizations view Clade's calamity as a boon or a bane depends solely upon how soon after the calamity you ask them.

Why he does this is still unclear. Observers have noted him mentioning that "a storm is coming", though this could refer to anything. Whatever this storm is, it clearly concerns Clade. All that remains to be seen is whether this storm actually exists, or if it is a feverish paranoia brought on by his many, many years wandering the blind eternities.

Appearance and Personality

Clade is a troll, and a very large one. His home plane was long since been lost, and his people, extinct. He stands roughly fifteen feet tall, hunched over, and carries with him an enormous wooden staff at all times. He is usually dressed in a combination of wooden plate, cured leathers, and fur. His skin is green and bumpy, and his beady eyes belie an ancient intelligence.

He is universally patient and calm. There is little that can ruffle the ancient troll, though he constantly carries an air superiority over those he deems as "weak". He see weakness as the ultimate failing, and does not abide it. Whatever subjective measure he uses, however, excludes the vast majority of the multiverse.


Clade is extremely powerful. He is capable of leveling entire swathes of land in moments, and conjuring towering forests in moments after that. His ability to summon creatures outstrips even the greatest of beast-mages, and he can instantly call upon an army of the wild should he so choose. Usually, however, he favors weather and earth magic - anything that can level cities. When in personal combat, he uses his connection with nature to enhance his strength.

The most notable thing about Clade, however, is his complete immunity to magic - saved that produced by Green mana. Clade has studied this phenomenon extensively, but there is no spell that has ever been cast upon his that has not simply sloughed off, completely ineffective. His people, long ago, had a similar resistance, but not a full immunity. He has come to the conclusion that his over-long exposure to the blind eternities mutated his natural ability in such a way that the immunity is now permanent. This means he is incapable, however, of forming bonds with any lands that produce anything besides Green mana.

His repertoire of spells thus limited, he has become a fierce and slippery opponent to those who dare fight him. This immunity, combined with a troll's natural affinity for healing at a much faster rate than normal, makes him nearly impossible to kill in combat, and theoretically, impossible to kill at all. If he is feeling the effects of his old age after the Mending, he does not show it, though the frequency with which he has created his forests has gone down since then.


Card Information
Name: Clade
Type: Planeswalker--Clade
Text: Hexproof

[+2]: Clade deals 2 damage to each creature with flying, or 2 damage to each creature without flying.

[0]: Target land becomes a Forest. Search your library for a Forest card and put it into play. Shuffle your library.

[-3]: Destroy target non-Forest, non-creature permanent.

[-10]: Destroy all non-Forest lands. You gain an emblem that says "Whenever you tap a Forest for mana, add to your mana pool.

Rarity: Unknown Rarity
Designer: Ruwin Reborn

Expansion Needed

Clade only has one introductory story. More planes must be prepared by Clade, for a storm is coming.