Cara Holis

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Cara Holis
Name: Cara Holis
Author: Barinellos
Classification: Human Planeswalker
Gender: Female

Cara Holis is a woman of middle age, scarred by her battles, but possessing a stark beauty despite it. The scars that run most deeply have nothing to do with her skin though. Her youth, and much of her life, are marred by her parents and what they did.

As a girl, Cara was raised in a commune, far removed from the nearest towns. Her parents were loving but distant, giving her anything she could ask for though she never asked for much. She was a quiet girl, and the commune treated her well, as there were very few children living with them. If they asked of her strange things, she had no reason to question the oddities. When they gave her the tattoos across her back, they told her it was so she could be part of the group. When they took her blood... they said it was for rituals that would help everyone.

It wasn't until they began to teach her magic that it occurred to her that something was amiss. The power her parents called on, the power their friends used, it felt... wrong. Empty and cold, biting and dark. It was an affinity the teenager couldn't cultivate. As they tried to teach her necromancy, she spent less and less time with the commune, preferring to spend her time wandering in the fields outside the village. Time went by and she grew more and more distant from her parents and their dark arts, she came to realize that she was drawn to the plains, that the crystal clarity that she felt while away from the group wasn't brought on by her solitude, but by the mana that ran through the plains. Curiosity led her to try and draw on that power and use it in the only way she knew how... with necromancy.

She ran away shortly afterwards. Years passed before she returned to the cult, fully aware of what the commune actually was now, and used her necromancy, binding and spirit calling, to shut them down. By the time she had returned though, her parents had vanished. She made an occupation of undoing the harm necromancers caused, toppling cults and necromancer barons, but her calling didn't flourish until her spark ignited. Now, she is a one woman army, slaying the undead and putting them to rest once more using the very magics that called them forth from their graves.

However, the longer she walks this path, the more isolated she becomes and the more hardships she faces alone... it is starting to drive her to darker places. Even with noble goals, one must wonder if the longer she gazes into the abyss, how much the abyss gazes also into her.

Her specialty in necromancy is the the binding and calling of spirits, but she has plenty of experience with the corporeal dead as well, breaking the chains of command other necromancers use and replacing them with her own. While many black necromancers manipulate the dead, she animates the dead with the life giving energies of her white mana.