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Name: "Blink"
Author: RavenoftheBlack
Classification: Human Planeswalker / serial killer
Gender: Female
Public Available
Blink is a human planeswalker serial killer.

Appears In

Eye for an Eye
Wiki Page for this story
R Author: Subject:
RavenoftheBlack A killer is on the loose in the Great City on Nuwar, and if Donagut can't uncover the secret, it could mean war.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
violence, body horror, implied violence to a child, implied sexual assault, violence to cute little animals, drinking, Noir humor...

Beneath the Waves
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R Author: Subject:
OrcishLibrarian and RavenoftheBlack Gale has finally signed on to an actual ship on an actual ocean, but a newly arrived passenger casts a pall over everything.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
violence, body horror, survivor guilt, social ostracism

Physical Description

Blink is a young woman, perhaps eighteen or nineteen years old. She is fairly attractive, although her appearance is usually disheveled and unkempt. She has dark hair and vibrant green eyes, although she has a very difficult time meeting the gaze of others.


Blink is a psychotic killer, or perhaps more accurately a sociopathic killer. She prefers to stay in the shadows and use deception to get what she wants, although she is highly intelligent and able to blend in to society when she needs to. She is a serial killer whose main trigger is one-eyed creatures, particularly Cyclops, although she does not seem to care whether her target was born with one eye or lost one later on. She is driven to kill one-eyed people she meets, but evidence shows that she is not immediately violent to them, but rather able to deceive them and kill them in a more controlled manner later. When she kills a one-eyed victim, she invariably gouges out their eye, which she then apparently transforms into a homunculus. Blink is also apparently a voyeur, and uses her homuncul-eye for that purpose.


Little is known about Blink, including her real name. She was born to a farming family on the plane of Daymir. When she was ten years old, her farm was raided by a tribe of Cyclops who murdered everyone in her family, apart from her. She was found later by a group of Rangers, who brought her into town and gave her the name Blink, owing to her tendency to shut her eyes tightly whenever they asked her name.

Blink disappeared several years later, and no one knew where she went.


It is difficult to say precisely what Blink's powers are, although they appear to be varied and comparably powerful. It is known that she is capable of crafting homunculi out of the eyes she harvests from her victims, including increasing their size, altering their shape, and giving them rudimentary intelligence. It is believed, although not verified, that she can access the perceptions of these servants and literally see through their eye.

She also appears to have some competency in sangromancy and obtenebration, the magic of shadows.


Blink's sexuality is completely unknown, although if she follows the pattern of most serial killers, she likely prefers solitary sexual experiences to other forms.