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Name: Asher
Author: jedi
Classification: Human Planeswalker
Gender: Male
Public Available
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Asher is an heir to the tradition of Dementia Casting on Dominaria. He uses dragonblood incense to hold onto sanity while calling forth nightmare horrors from his unconscious mind to fight for him.

Appears In

Dominian Nightmares
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R Author: Subject:
Sam KeeperofManyNames Solitary healer Kirsh of the Flats is thrown into a nightmare out of the distant past when he is called upon to heal the injured and hunted Dementia Master Asher
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
violence, general horror body horror
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Character Information


Asher stands at 6’1” tall. He is of moderate build for a human male, in good shape, but not excellent shape. He has shaggy medium length blonde hair that hangs around his ears and is barely styled. His eyes are usually masked behind the slatted goggles he wears, but when he removes them his green eyes can be seen.

Asher wears makeshift armor in the pits. He wears black leather pants with pieces of gold hued armor to reinforce them. On his right arm starting at the shoulder is a gold hued scale armor sleeve and gauntlet. The left side of his chest and back and some of the arm sport a tribal tattoo. He always keeps four containers of dragon’s blood incense he uses in combat tied to his waist by short chains.


An ambitious person, Asher knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. He will do what he sees as necessary to meet his goals. Like many dementia casters Asher is not fully connected to reality, but he does manage better than many. Asher is prone to talking in disjointed thoughts, with each sentence being tangentially connected at best, when distracted or unfocused. He relies on incense and trances to maintain his deadly focus in combat. Asher is trying to strike a balance between the power he gains from dementia casting and toll it is taking on his sanity.

While his craziness is mild for Dementia Casters, he loses it almost entirely when he is under the influence of the incense. He is completely calm and focused, there is no stray thought. His fear conflict over using it keeps him from using outside of battle, so his thoughts are scattered in conversation.

When asked about a competitor in the pits: "He may be a devil. [Beat] He will be ended." While the conversation has moved on in his head, he has skipped most of it to those around him.


Since surviving the time rifts life on Dominaria has changed. Urborg has in time adopted pit fighting as a form of entertainment, and a life can be made there. The pits were originally the bread and butter of Otaria, and they are not the only thing to return from the ravaged continent. So too has the ancient art of Dementia Summoning.

There aren’t many, only a few scattered cells. One of these cells participates in the Urborg pit fights, and one of its star pupil’s is Asher. Asher, named for the amount of incense he uses to maintain focus while fighting, was on the rise to being one of the top fighters. He had found a partner, a beautiful woman with deadly skill in combat. They were perfect compliments, she protected him while he attacked with his magics, if she was overcome he would come to her aid with his horror summons. That was until he lost focus in a fight, he pushed harder, and his partner fell in the crossfire. His beloved had died by his own magic, through his own madness.

When last seen in Urborg Asher was meditating, immersed in his own dementia space. He was confronted with some of his greatest nightmares, literally and figuratively. He faced them, and he almost succumbed to them in his grief. But he awoke in a place unfamiliar, the sounds of war coming from just over the hill, and a storm raging overhead. Asher smiled, "And today started out so boring." he thought to himself.

Ongoing Storyline

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When last seen, Asher was attempting to deliver a captured Timerian Fiend to an unknown buyer. Who wants such a creature and what Asher is getting in return are currently open questions.

Expansion Needed

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