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This page is part of the Magic: Expanded Multiverse (M:EM) project. You can find more on the M:EM subforum or in the official M:EM Archives. Known as the City of Wonders, Ariva is a plane that was half-torn from its original plane of Ikass by the planeswalker Vasilias long ago.


Vasilias once had a sprawling, multi-planar kingdom, before the Mending, with the city of Ariva on the plane of Ikass being one of many great cities of his empire. When the Mending tore Vasilias's power from him, he retreated to Ariva, letting his kingdom slowly fall.

At some point in time, when the last bastion of his legacy was Ariva alone, Vasilias tore Ariva from Ikass, possibly as a last defensive act against invading orcs. Infusing his soul to the city itself, he traded his mortal life for the life of a lich, with the entire city of Ariva his phylactery.

Now Ariva sits nearly unoccupied, as the undying husk of Vasilias waits for anyone foolish enough to stumble upon his territory, like a spider waiting in a web.


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