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Plane Names Arbagoth, The Forest Plane, The Endless Green
Author RavenoftheBlack
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Arbagoth is a large plane completely infused with rich, green mana. Nearly every stretch of land is covered with forests or jungles, and even the vast but shallow oceans are home to large forests, from the sunken, aquatic trees of the Submerge to the vast Coral Forests to the mysterious floating timbers of the Raftwood, there are few places on the plane where you cannot find nature exerting its influence. There are five continents on Argagoth: Feoldan in the southeast, Bongara north of that, Maisa in the west, Pennynce in the northwest, and the polar continent of Ermaf in the south. A massive sub-continental island called Volbog lies between Ermaf and Feoldan, southwest of Feoldan's coast, and the Nacor Archipelago sits east/southeast of Feoldan.

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Arbagoth is home to fourteen different political entities, each representing a different one of the 14 color combinations with green. The nations, kingdoms, and empires have widely different political organizations, histories, and population make-ups. Owing to the abundant resources of the plane, both elves and humans thrive, and can be found in nearly, if not all, of the fourteen nations. But, with such a large and healthy plane, bio-diversity is certain to abound, and thus the plane is also home to goblins, merfolk, dryads, centaurs, aven, viashino, minotaurs, ogres and vampires. Some of these creatures have thrived in the rich environment of Arbagoth, and can be found in many different locations thereon, others have had to survive by finding a much smaller niche, and therefore only exist in one or two locations.

The Oakumbra Duchy - WG

The Oakumbra Duchy occupies about the southern 3/5ths of Feoldan, the eastern-most continent of Arbagoth. The northern part of Oakumbra is some of the sparsest forests on the plane, allowing for farming communities overseen by barons reporting to the Duke, and even relatively large cities, especially around the Bay of Crowns on the western coast. Everything south of the Bay is the Farwood, where the Duke's game preserve lies. In contrast to the northern portion of the Oakumbra Duchy, the Farwood is thick and lush forestland, some of the largest and most dense forestland on the entire plane. The Duchy allows hunting in the Farwood only when harvests are lean, and only with licenses carefully issued by the barons.

The Nacor Archipelago – UG

Ruled by the Insular League, an elitist council of Academics and Xenophobes, the Nacor Archipelago is a long series of islands along the eastern and southern coast of Feoldan. There are fourteen inhabitable islands in the chain, and countless smaller ones that are livable, but have little to no game. These tiny islands are frequently made the home of the notorious Poacher-mages of Arbagoth. The islands descend in size the further south they go, the northern-most and largest island being Guidan, home to the capital city of Canopy Cove.

Between the Islands and the shore of Feoldan lies the Submerge. The Submerge is a vast, sunken forest that has adapted to live completely or partially underwater. It is home to the vicious Saber Shark, an apex marine predator that camouflages amidst the trees. Yet still, natives of Arbagoth risk the area to harvest the wood of the trees of the Submerge, as they are well-known to be the strongest and most water-tight wood on the plane, and therefore excellent for ships.

Xoraal - BG

In the Northwest corner of Maisa, where the gigantic mountain range of the Swell gives way to the low, savage Bogweald, the vampires of Arbagoth make their home. The Aristi vampires form the upper class, the smug, sophisticated, pretentious nobility who cultivate entire villages of elf and human subjects for both blood and slave labor. The lower class of vampire refer to themselves as the Treeblood clan. Preferring to live alongside the mortals, the Treebloods feed only on wild animals, and the Dryads of Xoraal, who willingly offer their sapblood to the vampires as an act of communion.

Officially, the Aristi rule Xoraal through the Consulate Nocturne. There are a dozen vampire families in the Aristi, and each one sends one Consul to Naerwynd, the Empty City. The ethereal spirits of the dead destroy anyone else who enters. Technically, the Consulate Nocturne makes the laws, but it is a poorly-kept secret that the Consuls obey the whims of their family's leader, making the Consulate Nocturne little more than a pretentious cover for the politicking that already occurs. The exception to this, however, is that the Consulate Nocturne has a thirteenth seat, and a member of the Treeblood clan is, by tradition, a member. And although the Treebloods have never attended, they have that right.

Kraygen – RG

Kraygen is the central and largest nation on the continent of Maisa. Over half of Kraygen's landscape is dominated by the high forested mountain range known as the Swell. The peaks of the Swell achieve elevations completely unseen by the rest of the plane, and the upper trees are covered in snow nearly all year long. To the northeast, the Swell tappers off into gentler, though still rocky, foothills, a landscape which is shares with Vhorn.

Kraygen is only slightly better than an anarchist state. Throughout its massive expanse are hundreds of tribes of goblins and numerous roving bands of Minotaurs who rotate between mercenary and bandit. The goblin tribes have a complicated system of war and allegiance between one another, and the only ones who even try for an occasional sense of order are the Ogre Kings. From time to time, the Ogre Kings enslave entire tribes of goblins to craft their massive stone fortresses, though they usually simply let them go once they grow bored. Although they have no real authority, often the goblins will blindly follow one whenever he calls for war.

Ailanian – WUG

The Cloud Forest. Ancient legends say that Ailanian was originally a massive terrestrial, traditional cloud forest in the northern portion of the continent of Pennynce, where Skavlakur currently is. The high moisture of the area and the airy magicks of its inhabitants produced Hyll Moss, a thick, clumpy moss with grows exponentially lighter than air the more there is together. Legends say that thousands of years ago, the moss grew so thick it covered the ground of the forest, and literally ripped Ailanian from Pennynce. The Hyll Moss attracts moisture, and so from below, it appears that the entire forest floats on a massive cloud.

Ailanian is ruled the Aven Congress of Houses. There is no one ruler in Ailanian, but a system of noble families who populate the Congress of Houses. These families range in size from a dozen or so members to several hundred, but in order to maintain their nobility, a family must provide three representatives to the Congress of Houses, a Matriarch, a Patriarch, and a Eunuch. The Flock of Eunuchs is considered the Inner Circle of the Congress of Houses. Nobility is often conferred onto social and military heroes, but young houses seem to have a way of dying off after just a generation or two.

Tymocia – WBG

Occupying the eastern half of the jungle continent of Bongara, Tymocia is ruled by a strict system of nobility dominated by the Fifty Families. Tymocia is a land obsessed with family honor, and each of the High Families has cleared away massive sections of the jungle to create their own Gravewood, where each of their ancestors rest and either add to, or detract from, the honor of the Family. Honor in Tymocia is not a subjective thing; it is meticulously tallied and recorded by the Order of Scribes, a clerical order that chooses the Honorable, the leader of Tymocia. The Honorable is always the current head of the most noble Family after the Order of Scribe's Grand Audit, once a year.

The politicking in the jungles of Tymocia is cutthroat and brutal. With so many Families vying for control, each of whom is responsible for the actions of their entire family, their ancestors, and the actions of every one of their protectorates, control of Tymocia changes often. Up and coming families have even been known to bribe members of the Honorable's Family with wealth and jungle land into disgracing themselves, and thereby damaging the honor of their Family. Likewise, Families will often murder, or arrange to have murdered, potentially disgraceful members of their own family to prevent such actions. Marriages between Families, because of the constant scheming, are just as likely to be traps as they are to be true.

Vhron – WRG

Occupying the southeastern corner of Maisa, Vhron is the smallest of the continental nations, in terms of land. Only the two nations of Volbog island are smaller. The eastern foothill forests of Maisa provide for some of the easiest terrain on the continent, and the bamboo forests near the coast offer plentiful resources. The capital city of Vhron is called Skyroot, and occupies the massive Anarath Plateau, at the base of the Swell. The Anarath Plateau is over twenty miles across, and is surrounded on three sides by Kraygen, Vhron's oldest and greatest enemy. Still, though, Skyroot has stood for over a thousand years and has never fallen to an enemy.

This is primarily because the nation of Vhron is ruled by an order of druid-knights called the Order of the Snapping Shell. It was named for a breed of turtle found along the coast. It's shell is so hard that swords cannot pierce it, and the turtle violently defends its territory if provoked. The Order is the same way. They have an active, religious belief against expansion, and refuse, even with their superior military might, to attack. However, when the goblins of Kraygen invade Vhron lands, the reaction is usually immediate, violent, and deadly. The Order, and by extension Vhron itself, is led by a Grand Master, who rules for life, or until willing abdication. The current Grand Master of the Order of the Snapping Shell is a woman named Rytha Brote.

Lakrymos – UBG

The Land of Tiers. The massive island of Volbog is divided into two kingdoms. To the south lies Veretna, tucked into the crag-forests that the ancient Viashino call home. But to the north, the rocky mountainous terrain gives way to the marshes of Lakrymos. This kingdom is divided into three massive Tiers. The Naraal is the lowest tier, geographically. It is populated by merfolk who live both in the marsh waterways below, and in the northernmost inlet of the Vinethorn Bay. The second Tier is called Cacaal, and they occupy the ground level, huddling in small villages around whatever dry patches of land they can find. The Cacaal is primarily made up of humans. The Highest Tier is held by the elves of the Untaam, who build large, sprawling cities high in the trees.

The Tiers themselves are not a caste system. No one tier is inherently above or below another in social standing. Both the elves and the merfolk consider themselves superior to the other two, and the humans mostly just try to survive. Lakrymos is ruled by the Triumvirate, a council of three rulers, one each from all three Tiers. The Triumvirate coordinates cooperation between the three Tiers to make sure each is looked after, sometimes at the expense of one of the other Tiers. This occasionally creates unrest within the Marsh Thicket, as Lakrymos is often called.

Veretna – URG

Ruled by a line of Viashino kings, Veretna occupies the southern half of the massive volcanic island Volbog. Although too small to be considered a continent, Volbog is the sixth largest landmass on Arbagoth, over five times larger than Guidan in the Nacor Archipelago. Society on Veretna is divided into a caste system falling almost directly along species lines. The Viashino are the nobility and the upper class, humans and elves occupy the working and craftsman classes, and the goblins serve as the lowest class, menial labor and the bulk of the criminals. The soldier caste, however, is drawn from all three, and while not honored above the nobility, they are honored, nonetheless.

Skavlakur – BRG

Skavlakur is a vast low-land bog that occupies the northern half of the continent of Pennynce. Legend holds that thousands of years ago, Skavlakur was a subterranean forest sitting directly under Ailanian, before the Cloud Forest took to the sky. Most of Arbagoth believes that long ago, Ailanian was a paradise, and the people of Arbagoth proved themselves unworthy of it, so the gods cast it to the heavens and brought Skavlakur up in its place, as punishment.

The people of Skavlakur, however, have another belief. They believe the ancient people of Ailanian were evil, and enslaved the ancient Skavlakurians and kept them underground as labor. Their legend holds that is was a hero of Skavlakur, the man who became Pharaoh Luhk-ret-Taris the first, who led a revolt and banished Ailanian into the sky. His dynasty ruled for nearly two thousand years before dying out, though rumor holds an heir might still exist somewhere. These rumors are vehemently, even violently, denied by the current ruler, Pharaoh Aap-ret-Syris.

The land of Skavlakur is dominated by a massive, gaseous swamp known as the Fire Fens. The trees here are distorted and gnarled, and never grow particularly tall or thick. The Fens are volcanic, and while they rarely erupt explosively, the numerous ponds of murky water often superheat when underwater lava flows break through the bottom, causing many areas of the Fire Fens to be covered in thick steam and smoke. The Gnarlwood trees in Skavlakur, when they are old enough, rot away from the inside, and eventually their dying roots suck up these lava flows and cause the trees to explode. This is a rare phenomenon to witness, and although exceedingly dangerous, it is considered very lucky in Skavlakur to witness it.

Sidia – UBRG

Better known as the Hordelands. Occupying the northern portion of the continent of Feoldan, Sidia is the mortal enemy of the Oakumbra Duchy. As the flat meadow-woods of northern Oakumbra hardens into the forested mountains of the Briarclaw range, the trees turn from the majestic oaks of the lowlands to scraggly Twistrunk and Gnarlwood Trees. Sufferer's Spine is a nearly continent-wide ridge, as small as a couple of feet in some places, as tall as two or three hundred feet in others, that separates the Hordelands from the Oakumbra Duchy south of them.

The Hordelands is ruled by the Potentate, a champion who wins and defends his right to rule in ritual combat on the first day of each year. The current Potentate is Grun Karv, a goblin from Rotmire in the northeastern corner of the continent. Off the northwestern coast of Sidia floats the Raftwood, a vast forest of Brinebark trees, a tree which has evolved to float on the surface of the water. The Pendula goblins, known for their tree-swinging proclivities, are said to be able to swing all the way from the coast of Feoldan to the southern shores of Bongara.

Dezdikaad – BRGW

The Republic of Dezdikaad holds the western jungles of Bongara. Originally, the entire continent was a single nation, Tymocia, but several hundred years ago, the people of present-day Dezdikaad broke away. The jungles in the western portion of Bongara are harsher, rockier, and far less hospitable, and so for centuries it served as the last refuge of those disgraced members of the High Families of Tymocia. In time, they united together and overthrew the few Tymocian overseers who bothered to watch the wastes of the Stone Jungle, establishing a new nation. The people of Dezdikaad reject the harsh and hypocritical honor of their forbearers, and instead restrict their view of honor to the behaviors of the living. Honor stills plays a major part in the election of their officials, but it is usually the honor won in battle or in the arts that dictate position.

The largest stronghold in Dezdikaad is Orphan's Hollow, located along the rim of Mt. Vanho, an inactive volcano rising out of the center of the Jungle. Here, the greatest of Dezdikaad's warriors and artists gather in the Sulfur Senate and elect the two Casters, their leaders. One is always a warrior and put in charge of military matters, the other is always an artist and placed in control of civil issues.

The Confederation of Agator – RGWU

Agator occupies the southern portion of the continent of Pennynce. They consider themselves the oldest of the peoples of Arbagoth, and are dogmatic of their belief in the Ailanian myth. They believe that Ailanian was a paradise and Skavlakur was a cursed underworld, and they accept full responsibility for the ancient, forgotten sin that cast away the former and drew forth the latter. They consider it their duty to learn what this sin was, and eventually atone for it.

The Confederation of Agator is not necessarily ruled by anyone, but the population as a whole is fiercely loyal to the Church of Lyys, an unfortunate name that the church's nay-sayers around Arbagoth often call the church of lies. Communities throughout Agator each rule themselves, but stay connected through a system of Mediators that travel Agator constantly. The Mediators are a cross between messenger, official and priest, and they meet once a year in the Vaulted Citadel to codify the Sacred Suggestions, which essentially serve as law for the following year.

The land in Agator sees a wide variety of trees across its landscape, ranging from massive fir trees, alders, pine and birch trees, as well as several other species. Communities in Agator are small and scattered, because the tree cover is so thick. Only the Farwood in the Oakumbra Duchy has thicker woods, but considering the wide meadow-woods of Oakumbra, Agator as a whole is the most thickly forested kingdom on Arbagoth.

Crystalys – GWUB

The Continent of Ermaf lies on the southern pole of Arbagoth. The entire continent is ruled by the Crystal Court, and while the rest of the plane jokingly refers to them as the Frozen Forest, they call themselves Cyrstalys. The Crystal Court controls more land than any other nation on Arbagoth, though much of Ermaf is uninhabitable. The only places that can sustain civilization is along the massive northern shore of the continent. Most of the population of Crystalys is located along a long but narrow peninsula called the Icicle.

The inner circle of the Crystal Court is comprised of the Nezkarith, a group of Ice necromancers. Whenever someone in Crystalys dies while still in acceptable physical condition, the Nezkarith reanimate the body to work as food gatherers and field-tillers in the deep tundra. Living people would freeze to death doing such work, but the Frost Thrulls, as they are often named, are perfect for the job, and help support the living population of Ermaf.

The Forest Fire

Recently, a catastrophic event has shaken the very foundations of the plane and drastically altered both the landscape and the life of Arbagoth. The surviving denizens of the event have come to know it as the Forest Fire. The Forest Fire was a massive, nearly plane-wide conflagration that reduced unbelievably massive swaths of forest to ashes. Nearly every kingdom of Arbagoth was hit hard by the fires, and the death toll was uncountable. There were sections of forest here and there that were able to survive the fires, and no kingdom was obliterated completely by the flames, but life for the survivors is considerably harder now that much of the ecosystem has been damaged.

The only kingdom to have escaped relatively unharmed from the Forest Fire was the floating cloud forest of Ailanian, which was floating higher than the flames could reach. There was still some irreparable damage to their lands from the heat, smoke and ash, but their population, both sapient and wild, was largely spared. As a result, the birds of Ailanian are beginning to press their new-found advantage, perhaps making a move to conquer the rest of Arbagoth as she recovers from the Forest Fire.