Amulet of the Planeswalkers

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Amulet of the Planeswalkers
Name: Amulet of the Planeswalkers
Author: Tevish Szat
Classification: Legendary Artifact
Creator: unknown
Notable Wielder(s):
Public Available
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The Amulet of the Planeswalkers is a disc-shaped amulet, made of five different metals that are seamlessly interwoven: Gold, Silver, Lead, Iron, and Copper spiral together to form an intricate pattern of knots. It is about two and a half inches in diameter, though not solid metal, and the chain and clasp are of thin, fine Palladium links

The Amulet has several magical properties. The chain seems able to resize to fit wearers of vastly different scales, likely due to the fact that Planeswalkers could change their form when it was made. The amulet was designed to preserve and contain the spark (and potentially consciousness) of a Planeswalker beyond death. In this it functions too well: the soul of any planeswalker who dies wearing the Amulet will be drawn within. Similarly, when a Planeswalker wears the amulet, the dead planeswalkers within can exert some measure of influence on the live bearer. This influence has, with the addition of more sparks over time, grown stronger than it was for the first few bearers. Planeswalkers (and only Planeswalkers) find it impossible or nearly so to remove willingly, and when it has no proper bearer, it seems to draw them from across the Blind Eternities, though how much of this is the amulet and how much is the tendency of planeswalkers to find items of great power is hard to say.

History - The Testament of the Treasure Hunter

It is my great regret that I can write on the history of the Amulet of the Planeswalker. I heard about it first as a legendary talisman borne by many Planeswalkers, even before the mending swept over Dominia and changed their very nature. Only on attaining the artifact did I understand its true purpose.

The Maker was dying. There are vectors of mortality that not even the Spark of the Maker and the Bearers can prevent. The Maker had existed for eons, in darkness and in silence. Afraid of what might come after, the Maker labored on the amulet, and when it was complete, she set her spark within it and crumbled to dust.

The First Bearer was the Worm, who took the amulet from the place of the Maker. Through the Worm, the Maker lived again, but it was still the Worm that bore the amulet. When he turned his back on a fearsome battle, common soldiers shot him full of arrows. One pierced his skull, and his spark passed into the amulet as his blood ran onto the field.

The Second Bearer was the Greatest of All Giants. He was tall and strong beyond compare. Though the Maker and the Worm lived through him, he was still the Greatest of All Giants, and his strength was matched only by his honor. In the end, he lifted a great stone that threatened the lives of many little folks. Though he arrested its fall and stopped the devastation, he could not hold it, and was crushed by its weight. His spark passed into the amulet

The Third Bearer was the Angel. She saw the great giant sacrifice himself for the small folk, and took up the amulet in tribute. The Angel also protected little folk, and nurtured and guided wherever she went. Through her, the Maker and the other bearers lived again, but it was not to last, for she fell into the clutches of a mighty demon and died in torment, her spark joining the rest in the amulet.

The Fourth Bearer was the Cursed One. After the Mending, the Cursed One dealt with the demon who took the Amulet from the angel, bartering for immortality. The Demon, who must have known of the Amulet’s nature, gave it to the Cursed One and then immediately attempted to kill her. While the Cursed One was mortally wounded, she escaped from the demon’s home plane, and with her death brought the Amulet out of the demon’s clutches. Her spark passed into the amulet like all the others.

The Fifth Bearer was the Arrogant Man. The Arrogant Man found the Amulet amidst the bones of the Cursed One, for the Arrogant Man had hunted her across many worlds and for many ages. He took the amulet, and through him all the bearers before lived. The Arrogant Man, though surely affected by the spirits, tuned their power to grow his own. He dreamed of creating an empire that would overshadow worlds, but his throat was slit in bed by a forced concubine he had claimed from the defeated royal houses of the very first world he tried to conquer. His life fled upon the tip of her knife, and his spark entered the Amulet.

The Sixth Bearer was the Wanderer. The Wanderer found the amulet among normal folk and purchased it as a curiosity. The Wanderer was a weak mind, and the Amulet drove him to deep insanity, until he found his death in a pool of water. His breath was quenched, and his spark fled within the Amulet.

The Seventh Bearer was the Forsaker. The Forsaker was called by the Amulet and the sparks within. How, is unknown – there must be a reason it has not lingered long amongst normal folk. The Forsaker was of stronger will than the Wanderer, but not strong enough. He saw the amulet as evil, but he could neither destroy it nor remove it from his person. Thus, he created a great labyrinth and filled it with traps, and at its heart took his own life, strangled by the chain of the amulet he hoped to bury forever. His spark entered it, and thus he will never be free.

I am the Eighth Bearer. The others call me the Treasure Hunter. I hear their voices constantly. I found the amulet at the heart of the Forsaker’s labyrinth and put it on, then I was one with all the rest. My body is not my own. It moves at their commands as well as mine, straining wills bringing constant madness. So many themes, so opposed to each other. We have great power – someone might be able to control it, but that is not me. I travel the planes, living eight lives in one but not really living any. I have found arts to still the voices, and thus have set down this testament, but the effectiveness of any spell or potion at stilling the hurricane of souls is fading. Soon such mechanisms will not work at all. When I die, my spark as well will pass into the Amulet. I hope there is no Ninth Bearer after me, but I am not so naïve as to believe it. Perhaps, with a strong enough will, one could finally end this sad story.

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