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Plane Names Aldis
Author jedi
Major Natives
Renn Winmoore
Notable Visitors
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Aldis is a small and largely rural world where magic permeates the very air. It is a pastoral world where simple practical magic is common, and the strong energies of the plane have made it possible for the spirits of the dead to persist long after their bodies are gone.

Plane Information

The World

Aldis is a small plane with plenty of farmland and wild places, but with the recent advancements in practical magic its urban centers have started booming. The world is changing as the distance fades with the use of magic. Magic is a part of everyday life on Aldis, with many citizens learning simple spells before the age of 11.

In the cities the citizenry sling spells unlike anywhere else. It is not uncommon to see couriers flying through the air, zipping between their destinations. Other couriers will simply teleport from doorstep to doorstep. The maids wipe clean the messes of their masters with a wave of their hand. But this same casual use of magic can be seen in the lower members of society. Thieves and burglars walk through shadows or walls and walk unseen as they pocket valuables from unsuspecting citizens on the street. Luckily, however, the law has plenty of tricks up its sleeves, armed with plenty of binding magics and anti-magic spells.

The world of Aldis is not dominated by the cities however; there still exist many rolling hills, and farmlands. But even in the farmlands is magic prevalent. Farmers tend their crops with magic to ensure bounty and protect them from pests. They magically enhance their livestock for strength and hardiness. The farm hands enhance themselves to make the day’s work easier and faster.

There still exist untamed wild on Aldis. In the woods you can find mundane creatures like wolves, but you may also find darker, more sinister versions, enhanced by strange, unknown means. Hidden in the moors dotted across the landscape lurk dark horrors, and malicious spirits. Travelers armed with the right magics can traverse these areas with little fear, but those unprepared could succumb to the darkness that lurks at society’s edge.

The secrets of Aldis

The very air of Aldis is infused with magic. In the cities and farm lands this excess magic is used up mostly by mages. In the wilds animals are infused with mystical properties. Spirits with strong wills can call on enough magic to give themselves a form to maintain their life past their bodies. This same magic is what generates the bodies of the sentrus, leaving them to be inhabited by the souls of the recently departed.


The races of Aldis are very adaptable, and each member of each race can decide for themselves what they want and how they will get it. This is a world where Elves may stay to the farmlands, but no one bats an eye at an elven pick pocket or bureaucrat. There is little in the way of racial culture outside of a few traditions for each. Below only the common members are described.

  • Humans- Aldis, not unlike most planes, is dominated by humans. They live everywhere, the cities and the farm lands. They take to any job and are among some of the most powerful mages on the plane.
  • Dwarves- The dwarves of Aldis tend to take jobs as lawmen or artisans. They have a vast array of law magics, and the strict sense of duty to use them when necessary. Dwarves also are some of the best masons and craftsmen plane, some cities are built almost exclusively out of dwarven works.
  • Faeries- Flitting through the city the faeries have taken their place as top of the innovation food chain. Looking for a new spell to make your life easier? Chances are a faerie has exactly what you’re looking for. A faerie’s natural tendency towards simple charms have also earned them spots as common, and highly sought after, maids and housekeepers.
  • Goblins- Ruffians, upstarts, manual laborers. Goblins on Aldis are proof that buildings and roofs aren’t enough to make a civilization. Goblins work in factories and other menial jobs that most don’t wish to do. They are the most likely races to openly cause trouble in the streets.
  • Elves- Aldian Elves are mostly farmers and outlanders. They try to stay out of the cities, focusing their magics on livestock and crops. Thus do they, and other farmers, serve society by providing the foods needed for everyone else. They also serve as the first line of defense against the planes mystic and mundane creatures.
  • Spirits- Aldis has a unique quality that allows those of strong will to hold on after death. Spirits are common, at least more so than in most worlds. They can’t contribute much to daily life. Some have unfinished business, others want to warn the living, and some aren’t even fully aware they’re dead. Spirits range from friendly conversationalists to public nuisance. Some spirits are so filled with rage and thoughts of revenge they are twisted into wraiths, murderous corporeal undead bent on sating their eternal anger.


A living race made of stone and metal, the Sentrus are a mystery to most of the residents of Aldis. What the average citizen doesn’t know is that the Sentrus are a strange type of spirit collector. When some people die, instead of moving on their spirits are cleansed. They forget their past life, having only minor flashes of who they used to be. The Sentrus are a second chance to a select few.

Ravnica maybe the city plane, but it is far from the only world where civilization has taken a foothold. Aldis is a small plane with plenty of farmland and wild places, but with the recent advancements in practical magic its urban centers have started booming. The world is changing as the distance fades with the use of magic. Couriers can fly to other cities, or more skilled will simply teleport. Simple cleaning spells are used by household servants to speed up their daily chores. The city guards use law magics to hold the criminals at bay, unless said criminals use shadow magic to fade into the dark streets. In these new centers of life an odd form of life has finally found a home.

For ages the Sentrus, a living race of stone and metal, had no place to call their own. They now live in the cities that dot the landscape, taking up whatever job they feel most accustomed too. Like other residents of the plane they have skill with simple spells, but they are able to process mana slightly different. Like much of their origins, how they do this is unknown. The Sentrus are able to use mana like normal mages, but if unable to find the proper type they can achieve the same effects by simply infusing more mana into their work of choice.

Expansion Needed

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