Agmund Frijern

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Agmund Frijern
Name: Agmund Frijern
Author: jedi
Classification: Male Human Planeswalker
Gender: Male
Public Available

Agmund Frijern is an interplanar jailer, chasing down those he deems evil and throwing them in his jail-plane, Pennance


Agmund didn’t stand out much in his early career. He was a peace keeper, and he loved it. Too bad those who thought like him were few and far between in the order. With time he grew impatient with the corruption, and criminals being allowed to walk. He decided he would have no more of it. He started secretly imprisoning the criminals he caught, in a secret location.

This worked for a while, right up until Agmund was caught. In time he had to start imprisoning corrupt keepers to protect himself. As more of his fellows caught on, Agmund lost control and was confronted: not just by fellow keepers, but by criminals as well. He was caught, and as he looked up as one of the thugs raised the sword to strike the killing blow, the world dissolved around him.

He soon found himself traveling the planes, and finding that the multiverse was overcome by the corrupt. Agmund wouldn’t stand for it. Luckily in his travels he’d come upon some important resources: a world long abandoned, and allies willing to stand against the corrupt.

Agmund has created a prison world out of the abandoned plane. Held here are some of the most dangerous beings in the multiverse, and a few who have no right being held with those dangerous beings. Agmund and his supporters punished all lawbreakers and evil doers, and many served their penance on this world.

Penance is usually left in the hands of the trusted generals Agmund has assembled. Agmund travels the ‘verse seeking those who endanger the peace, he wants to make sure that wrong doers are punished.

His Goal, To protect the multiverse by imprisoning criminals and evil doers on his prison plane Penance.