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Plane Names Adrisar, the Layered World
Author Tevish Szat
Major Natives
Ronar Solmn Kestrel
Aluma Tarina Kestrel
Orin Prestor Sparrow
Genevive Yso
Leader Ibram Maur
Emperor Bhurarad Vunyova Ravan
Notable Visitors
Ellia the Endbringer
Public Available
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Adrisar is a plane of the Expanded Multiverse. Known as the "Layered World", the initial design of Adrisar involved a stratification of the physical world while the starting concept for the world was a different-than-standard take on the allied-color pairs

Setting For

The Crooked House
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PG-13 Author: Subject:
Tevish Szat The inbred members of the House of Yso are proud pureblood humans, but Jacob Yso has fallen for a lovely stranger with nonhuman blood, and he won't let the crooked patriarch of his crooked house stand in the way of his love...
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
violence, incest
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In the Palace of the Emperor
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Tevish Szat A young elven slave-girl in the palace of the Great Crater's emperor desires to see her monarch, which is easier said than done, for no elf may lay eyes upon him...
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Skin Deep
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PG Author: Subject:
Tevish Szat An explorer chronicles his latest expedition in the winding tunnels beneath the surface of Adrisar...
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R
Mild Violence, Implied Mind Control

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West Wind
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G Author: Subject:
Tevish Szat Aluma Tarina Kestrel, princess of Altrium, goes for one last day of flying free before she returns to the royal court.
Content Warnings PG PG-13 R

Consider Reading This First: Adrisar Planeswalker's Guide

Brief History of the World

Adrisar is a world that once had a highly developed magical and technological civilization extending across essentially the entirety of its surface and spread throughout the skies. An event known as the Thirteen Days War destroyed the ancient civlizations and reshaped Adrisar itself. The world still bears the scars of that conflict, its remaining continent a mass of deep chasms filled with a jungle that is suspected to itself be the remnants of a biomantic weapon and high plateaus, with the only open land being a massive impact crater. Not even the sky was left intact, remnants of the web of levitating stone on which the Old World built one of its kingdoms now floating free throughout an endless blue.

It has been around five thousand years since then. In that time, the remaining habitable lands have been claimed by five separate civilizations. Up to this point, they have largely had little cause to turn on one another, because the facts of their own survival have required the majority of their attentions, their populations have not been great enough to require additional space that could not be simply found rather than fought for, and the memory of the ancient war that sundered their world has turned them away from further great conflicts. The Age of Recovery, however, appears to be coming to an end -- the powers of Adrisar are once again strong, capable in both magical and military might, and eye each other with suspicion.

Setting Information

Adrisar is separated into five parts that, roughly, exist in a vertical chain as far as their geography is concerned, and thematically represent each of the allied colored pairs. The regions of Adrisar, from vertically highest to vertically lowest, are as follows

Altrium, the Aerial Kingdom


In the skies above Adrisar, there are several structures that look like clouds from the ground but which are soild and stable, floating impervious to gravity. These solid clouds are the foundation for a human civilization. Altrium is strongly associated with light, air, and artifice. They travel their world via Ornithopters, lighter-than-air crafts, and skyships.

The Highlands


The Highlands are a civilization built on tall plateaus. Due to low numbers, most Highlanders are hybrids of two or more humanoid species. Some are mre smooth hybrids than others. Race and ancestry are the major themes of the Highlands. Resources are scarce atop the plateaus, and the works of the Highlanders often look as ramshackle as do some Highlanders. They believe very strongly in personal freedom.

The Great Crater


The Great Crater is a feudal hierarchy inspired by the apparent hierarchy of nature, a culture obsessed in some ways with the meaning of strength. The Great Crater is stratified by race, with Rakshasas (catfolk) ruling as nobles, Humans acting as free commoners, and Elves being slaves.

The Riftlands


The Riftlands are in two parts -- a great jungle, brutally hostile to humanoid life, and a human civilization called the Children of the Living Flame that fights constantly to reclaim land from nature for their own life. The Children of the Living Flame are essentially a fascist state, being both highly statist (a mentality coming from their green component) and highly militaristic (though most of their military force has to be pointed at the jungle).

The Underworld


The Underworld consists of a cavern system largely populated by humans and Homarids. They live in constant darkness, in holes carved by the action of the waters of a great, underground sea. Their world is ghost-haunted and full of the buried relics of the past, lurking out of sight.

Current Projects

Big Adrisar Project

The Big Adrisar Project is a M:EM Project led by Tevish Szat and intended to produce a multi-threaded plotline for 'Present' Adrisar. It is intended to involve most or all of Adrisar's component domains and multiple M:EM Planeswalkers both new and returning.