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Name: Aamir
Author: Barinellos
Classification: Half-Elf, Half-Human Planeswalker
Gender: Male
Public Available
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Aamir is a half elf prince with a love of books and music and the hereditary ability to create angels.

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Character Information

Aamir was born to the royal line of the kingdom of D’shan. However, though he is a prince, his childhood was not spent learning the affairs of state or matters of court. Aamir is 32nd in line for the throne, only one of the kings’s 41 children and not one of the eldest born either. No, his older brothers and sisters had to endure the lessons of statecraft that dominated their adolescence and turned them into dull courtiers competing amongst the upper ranks of his father’s line for the throne. Aamir never had that chance and he doesn’t begrudge them their posturing nor envy the weight they must shoulder. Aamir wouldn’t have been likely to inherit the throne regardless, because of his own lineage. Being a half-breed son to the elvish consort meant that many in the kingdom would have a hard time accepting him upon the throne in the first place, so it is for the best that Aamir had no dreams of rule.

Despite his low standing, that does not mean Aamir was particularly unloved by his father. He strongly resembles the man, dark skin the color of tea and black hair, but his features are tempered by his elvish heritage, softening the harshboned appearance of his human ancestry. Unfortunately it means he also cannot grow a beard, a fact that amuses his father deeply. Indeed, the king dotes upon his son quite disproportionately, because Aamir has inherited one of the oldest traits of the royal line. He is a luminarch, one who can call the ancestral magik and the strongest practitioner in over 20 generations, stretching all the way back to the founder of D’shan, who united the kingdoms by creating the angelic guard. Even though Aamir is a half-breed, he is the first in the royal family in over 200 years to be able to create new members of the Guard himself. So, unlike his fellow siblings too low for the crown, who lived indolent lives with their every whim catered to and their safety handled by others, Aamir was allowed to choose his own path.

He learned music early on, but more than anything he spent his time studying history and thaumaturgy. His mystic tutors soon ran out of proper subjects to teach him and quickly gave up as he demonstrated skills greater than their own. That suited him, for while they tried to teach him magic he might use in his daily life, magic appropriate for the court, his true love came in studying the history and epic magics of his kingdom and the distant lands from whence his mother hailed. Not exactly an appropriate course of study for a prince.

He often spent days at a time in the wings of the royal library, working his way through entire walls worth of history, devouring as much as he could learn. It was during one of these long sessions that he began to feel slightly ill. His eyes and head ached and it surely had been several days since he last slept, but he felt he was on the verge of a discovery long buried. He gathered his books and began to return them to the shelves where they normally rested when he collapsed. Visions swarmed before his eyes and he felt his pulse hammer in his pointed ears. When he regained his balance, he felt as though an elephant had trod over him. He gathered his books and decided it best to rest, but as he searched the shelves, he realized he had never been in this portion of the library before. Indeed, everything seemed unfamiliar. He passed stacks in languages he did not recognize and eventually found his way out… into another place altogether. He spent hours wandering this new city, with spires that stretched far above and races he had never dreamed of before. He was astounded, yet also afraid for his life as never before. Aamir found a quiet spot and gazed upon the mana of the world he stood on. It was quite different than what he was familiar with, but it was strong enough to suit his needs. He created an angel to guard and advise him. She listened carefully to what Aamir had said and pledged to keep him safe until he could find his way home.

With few other options, he relied upon his oldest skills, and chose to be a street performer, playing his music and doing minor conjuring for coin. Soon, he came to understand what had transpired as he remembered the epic histories of his home. Though he had believed them myth, he had become one of the Worldwalkers and he could travel back if he focused long enough. So he returned home and told his father. The king was intrigued and told him that he wished him to travel to these other worlds and return with new things to bring glory to the kingdom, to show the novelty that they could afford. If he did well, his father promised, he would finally be ready to compete for the throne. As a luminarch, he was invaluable, but not fit to rule, but if he could command the powers of other worlds, that would make him a king unlike any that had ever ruled D'shan.

In his many travels, Aamir has seen much, including plight that he would never have encountered in his own lands. He’s begun to understand that perhaps it is the duty of a true leader to alleviate the suffering he finds, but there is only so much he can do alone, but still there are days when it nags at him. He has come to understand the burden his siblings seek to bear, but he alone amongst them bears a burden they could never understand, but he must stand tall, for he is a prince of his land, and a prince must never kneel.